12 Valuable Lessons To Teach Yourself...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:20

1)      You’re allowed to like yourself. You’re allowed to compliment yourself. You’re allowed to be happy with who you are right now. You’re allowed.

2)      It’s okay to walk away. Choose your battles-you can avoid some pain by simply walking away from the things that you know will burn you.

3)      Learn to wake up every morning and realise it’s a new day. It sounds cheesy but you need to realise that if you put on happy music, force yourself to smile (if you cant manage that, force yourself to not frown/cry) and do everything you can to stop yourself thinking about anything bad that may have happened because today is a new day and you get to choose how it goes.

4)      Appreciate and let the little things comfort you and warm you from within. It’s too easy to brush off or ignore a person smiling at you in the street or someone holding the door open for you. Take comfort and joy in the fact that someone you’ve never met saw you and thought you worthy of a smile or worthy of 10 seconds of their time. And return these little things to others.

5)      Ask for help. Showing a little bit of weakness isn’t a flaw and no one; NO ONE is going to judge you for needing a little support.

6)      Be nice to others. Calling someone fat makes you no skinnier. Calling someone ugly makes you no prettier. If you project kindness and love, you’ll feel it within yourself and you need to learn that you never know what another is feeling, you need to learn that making someone feel bad will never make you feel better.

7)      Don’t rely on someone for your whole happiness, but still remember to let people in.

8)      Let go of things that become too heavy. If you carry round the empty shells of every argument and every hurtful comment and every breakup and every bad situation and every bad time as a reminder, it will break your back. Let go.

9)      “Healing may not come quickly, but it will come” some things take time and if you don’t feel instantly better-its ok. Just keep going and soon it will all be good again.

10)  Say how you’re feeling. Bottling emotions up is never a good thing. If you’re annoyed at a person-tell them. Quiet resentment will only every create hurt.

11)  Your body doesn’t define who you are. The quality of your skin, the whiteness of your teeth, the definition of your bones, the size of your thighs-NONE OF THESE THINGS DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. You are your personality and all the things within yourself. So never, ever treat yourself as a lesser version of yourself; never, ever abuse yourself because of a change on the outside. Skin and muscles and bones aren’t what make you beautiful.

12)  Let yourself be happy and do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of staying happy.

Hope you're all doing good, let me know if you want more posts like this as I love writing them

Have a lovely lovely day

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  1. This was such fab 'cheer-up' post :)
    I would love you to write more of them
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk


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