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By Lucy Harbron - 20:31

I know I know its been a while, I have no excuse other than I'm so lazy!

Well guys summers over and I've officially started sixth form which means I have to wake up and choose a functioning, hopefully nice outfit every morning. I cant just wear either leggings, or the same outfit all week, so this is a hard task! So I'm constantly looking for outfit inspiration and recently I've been loving the vintage feels again and I keep looking to the same people again and again. So I thought I'd share a couple of my inspirations and I put together some outfits while online shopping (and by online shopping I mean looking at clothes and wishing I could afford them!)

Marianne Faithful is the 60s in a person. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, everything. She's just the embodiment. I turn to Marianne when I want a softer, more feminine look with masculine twists. Short skirts, boots, cute collar, boyfriend coats, eyeliner flicks, defined crease, nude lip. I love coats so much, like seriously I think I have a coat addiction. Coats are my cocaine right now ahh I love them! And to me Marianne knows how to work a masculine coat without it drowning out the rest of her look. To be honest, She bagged Mick Jagger in his prime, She was doing something right!

Ahhh Francoise. Her style is so simple so perfect for college as I can just put on a top and trousers and boom I'm from France (not really but lets just pretend). Cigarette trousers and little jumpers with high necks are key. Stripes are also key so the black and white jumper (which is from h&m and which I own woo) is ideal. I love love love Francoise's hair like ughh fringe feels alert! She has a perfect face as well, that's all I shall say.

I saved the best for last. Stevie flippin Nicks. I'm in love. Literally. Her music, the amount of hours me and my boyfriend have spent listening to rumours. Best album ever! Her style is perfect for college as its so floaty and comfy. So smock dresses, kimonos and even really big shirts and cardigans. Anything that allowed free movement and has an interesting silhouette Stevie would wear. I'm also totally obsessed with her hair, it has so much volume, HOW?! Young Stevie Nicks was all kinds of perfect. enough said!

As you can see I'm really craving a fringe, the urge is back guys so watch this space to see if I cave in!

Hope everyone's doing well, sorry for my absence but I'm back baby!
Have a lovely lovely day

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  1. I'm so glad your back! I missed your posts :)
    I REALLY want to buy a big winter coat now!
    - F -


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