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By Lucy Harbron - 15:17

I haven't blogged for over a month... sorrrry. There's several reasons behind this, I've just had a lot going on lately and work and laziness. But here I am!

Halloween has just passed and im kinda sad that its gone! I love Halloween so much, so I thought I'd show you what I got up to/my costume etc!

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The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is put music on, I actually use 8tracks more than my own iPod as it's nice always finding new songs. My Halloween morning was sound tracked mainly by this Lykke Li song that im addicted to!

That morning I was actually planning on writing a blog post, but I got Netflix and have become incurably addicted to American horror story so instead I started series 2! Anyone else watch AHS?
Windy day!

While I watched AHS I got ready for the day and put on a little makeup just so I looked presentable. On Halloween I actually had plans to meet my friend for a costa so I got ready for that and went out into the cold. I wore my fave outfit at the moment- black jeans, black jumper and my camel coat.
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When I arrived home I suddenly had an urge to listen to some old music so I made a playlist of all my vintage classics or new songs that sound vintage. So its basically a lottttt of Fleetwood mac!
At about 4pm I started getting ready to go out to a party. So I washed my hair using my usual aussie shampoo. I went as my spirit animal Wednesday Addams for Halloween, so I made sure to part my hair exactly down the middle and kept it as straight and sleek as possible when blowdrying.
Also a moment of appreciation for my Winnie the Pooh onesie, best. thing. ever.
 Soon after my best friend and getting-ready companion Chloe arrived to get hyped up and help each other get ready. Getting ready with a friend makes every party 10x better!

Tate Langdon and Wednesday Addams foreverr

Makeup time! For my skin-I did my normal face makeup but then powdered with a white powder to make my face even more pale than it already it. I also did my normal brow routine.

For my contour- I used a mix of a Clinique's stone violet- a matte grey/purple eyeshadow, and my usual sleek face form palette so my face looked more hollow and ghoulish and to avoid being bronzed.

For my eyes- I patted 'corrupt'- a matte black eyeshadow from the MUA undress me too palette all over my eyelid and then intensified the look by building up the darkness in my crease and adding a shimmery charcoal colour over the top. I later added some cat-eye liner to make it all even darker.

For my lips- I applied topshop's 'beguiled' which is a really dark, matte wine colour and then a black eyeshadow over the top to seal it in and make my lips ridiculously dark.

Chloe used her insane talent and a lot of face paint to recreate Tate Langdon's skull makeup from American horror story. SHE IS A GENIUS.

My outfit-
Black wedges-Primark

Chloe's outfit-
Leather Jacket-H&M
black jeans-Tesco (we are bargain hunterz)
she also used a white chalk to draw ribs onto her black t-shirt
Literally plan on wearing this outfit forever. All black, everyday. I had the best night with all my friends, and then did it all again the day after!

Tell me about your Halloween! What did you do? What did you go as?

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  1. Wow! Your outfit is shamzing!!
    Also, where is your camel coat from? I have been looking for one forever, would you recommend the one you have?
    Bronia xx

    1. thank you! I actually found it in a charity shop so I'd recommend just looking through your local stores xx


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