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This is me at 20, in the 3rd decade of my life. I'm no longer in my teens, nearly finished my second year of university and on the cusp of being forced into proper real adult life.

Cliche but this was the quickest year of my life, I feel like I barely saw it go by so after celebrating and recovering from the celebrating, it's time to reflect.

Last year I set these goals for myself, and without realising I've smashed them, for once I actually met my own goals. Maybe I am growing.

I voted in my first election, started taking my mental health seriously and respecting my emotions, joined burlesque, made a whole new lil family of friends, read a lot, made a lot, and been more in love than ever. I feel pretty achieved. But what now?

In true Carrie Bradshaw style, I'm turning to cosmo. Not a cosmo, though I wish it was. Cosmo suggests 8 questions to reflect on each birthday. Lets begin.

What do I like about my life?
My friends, my family, my relationship, myself, my degree. I like how absolutely hilarious I am.

What are some things I want to be different by next year?
I'd like to have a clearer image of my future, and be confident in my ability to make that happen. I want to be more independent, more social, braver, and excited about the future. By next year I'll have pretty much finished uni and right now that's absolutely terrifying, by then I want it to be less scary hopefully.

Who are the people who most add to my life?
My friends - they all provide something super different that I need and love them for so much. In the last year of my life I've finally formed my dream little circle of besties who are all hilarious, supportive feminist babes who make me feel super mega loved and constantly boost my ego.

My boyfriend - my ultimate bestie who keeps me safe, defuses all my life crises and always knows what I'm thinking. In the last year he's made me brave and pushed me to experience and slowly crawl out of my comfort zone. Also he's fit and just looking at him adds to my life.

My mum - our relationship has grown and changed so much this past year, and I'm now slowly morphing into her when she was my age in the 80s. I don't know what I'd do without her.

What is the most important habit or activity to add or subtract from day-to-day living?
I'd like to add more alone time to my day to spend being mindful and reading and taking care of myself. I'd also like to dedicate more time to cooking proper meals, and getting into a proper routine with uni work before my final year.

I've said it a million times but I'd like to spend less time on my phone, who knows maybe I'll actually do it this year. Probs not.

How would I rate my life in the realms of career, finances, relationships, growth, fun, and lifestyle?
Finances - Don't ask me I'm a student.Relationships - 10 10 10s across the boardGrowth - 7, I'm getting thereFun - Either a 2 or a 8, never at the same time. I'm either cry laughing or in a corner rocking in stress.Lifestyle - 8, leaving room for it to get better.

What is something I can do to fix the area of my life that's most lagging?
For my finances, next year I'm going to track my spending, meal plan better, and do more socialist at home. For fun, I want to be more spontaneous, balance my uni work better, and keep fighting my phobia of sickness so I can go out more. 

If there's a gap between where I am now and where I want to be, what's one step I can take now to close that gap?
In the next year of my life I'm going to give 100% effort to everything I do. I'm going to take opportunities and give them my full attention and put my whole heart into them.

I also want to regain confidence in my writing, and be more motivated to write more including on this blog.

Stay tuned to see if I actually manage any of these things!

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  1. This was such an interesting read!! Well done on accomplishing all year goals, I've just turned 19 so am a year behind you but the prospect of proper adult life is really scary. Lets just never grow up!x
    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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