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By Lucy Harbron - 17:32

My wardrobe is calling out for so many things. Sigh, too many nice pieces, too little money.

I really want a hat. I've seen so many beautiful pictures including either a baker boy cap or a beret lately that I need need need one. I love Debbie Harry's more tomboyish take on the Parisian classic so make it look less chic and more cool. But the Kate Moss shot is so effortless, I couldn't be more heart-eyed. I think I'll have to cave and invest in one...or both.

I've been after a good jumper dress for so long. I'm quite tall so finding dresses like that that are actually long enough and don't rise up too much when I lift my arms is the bane of my life. A dream outfit right now would be a black jumper dress, either knitted or sweatshirt material, with fishnet and either boots or trainers. It's such a simple, comfy piece but I love the shape and styling of them. Same with Linen dungarees, they look so soft and comfy, I imagine it's like wearing the most heavenly pyjamas. I'm really into pieces like that at the moment, that are lovely to wear as well as lovely to look at.

Talking of dungarees, ever since seeing this photo of Alexa Chung and an old photo of my mum, all I can think about is how much I want some white denim dungarees to wear with an oversized navy t-shirt. I think the white denim would look so good in the transition to spring, but would also be a nice change to my dark blues and black outfits. However, white will be a laundry nightmare.

Queen Chung has also resurrected my intense longing for a leopard print skirt. It's such an ironically, obnoxious print and I LOVE it. I think leopard print and graphic t-shirts are such a winning combo, as well as giving me total true romance nostalgia vibes. Extra points for a fluffy, textured material.

Lastly, I recently re-watched Leon The Professional for the 5 millionth time and concluded that it's time to bite the bullet and get myself an army surplus green bomber jacket. I hate the non-padded high street bombers though, I think the magic is in that puffy, oversized shape so a real army one is definitely the way to go. I think such a boy-ish jacket like that and the oversized silhouette could look so so cool with a girlier outfit, like over a playsuit, A-line skirt or maybe my culotte jumpsuit. So many outfit opportunities.

And now the small issue of my bank balance...

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