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By Lucy Harbron - 15:37

The weather has officially switched and I am cold. Which means it's time for the big wardrobe mix up and to wave hello to big jumpers, and proper winter coats aka my fave.

In the last month I feel like my style has really changed and become a lot more bold as I'm drawn more towards interesting shapes and textures. So this winter I'm thinking cigarette trousers, jumpers and over sized coats, very Annie hall, masculine/feminine.

I think living in a city and being constantly surrounded by all different aesthetics has really altered my taste and eye when I'm out shopping. There's such an incredible vintage scene on Sheffield so I've been really loving the battered vibe, drawing me towards a very 1970s New York grunge look as Patti Smith remains on my radar always. But also, I'm all heart-eyed for old, battered sportswear- last week I fell head over heads with a over-sized, faded navy Elisse sweatshirt so I neeeeeed one. Vintage sportswear with crisp trousers and a big coat is all I want right now.

Some textures I'm really into at the moment and looking ahead into winter are denim, suede and fur (always faux or second hand!). I think those three work so well together in cold weather, they're such comforting materials. I recently treated myself to a vintage fur coat for the cold weather and It's so empowering and beautiful to wear. I used to really shy away from pieces like that as I used to think they didn't align with my introverted personality, but for real, pushing the boundaries of your fashion comfort zone can do wonders for your confidence! My next target for pushing my limits is to approach patterns. I've been loving leopard print at the moment, lusting after a leopard print skirt like Alabama's in True Romance, and I looooove Topshop's floral cigarette trousers on a khaki background. A change in season is the ultimate experimentation time.

What style are you leaning towards this season? Share your inspo with me!

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