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By Lucy Harbron - 13:00

If there's one thing freshers has taught me, it's the importance of the quick change. Plans are made so spontaneously that there is zero time for a full on getting ready routine before going out. So I've been adapting my makeup lately and devised my ultimate day-to-night make-up that only requires like three steps to go from natural to powerful. Lets begin...

Avon liquid eyeshadow
Sleek Face Form Kit
Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner
W7 Colour Me Buff palette
Benefit Rockateur blush
Sleek Solstice highlighting palette
My day makeup is pretty chill. I do my usual base of concealer, foundation, powder, brows then start to add some definition. During the day I tend to reach for what remains of my sleek face form palette as it's so quick and easy and the shade is a perfect pale contour, it gives a super natural finish while adding some cheekbones to my lil moonface. Pop on some rose gold blush and (a lot of) highlighter and my face is done for the day. This stays the same practically always, when you're as pale as me you've gotta just find the products that work and stick to them sometimes.

However for eyes, I've recently been getting into using a pencil eyeliner just to define my top lashes and create a super subtle wing while keeping the whole look smudgey and chill. I use this Avon one because I love the subtle shimmer it has, it really makes your eyes pop when the light catches it. I pair this with a bronzey liquid eyeshadow that I literally just smudge in and I'm done. This makes my eyes look defined and done during the day but also helps create a guideline for that night's wing.

Topshop Chameleon Glow in Wax & Wane
Clinique high lengths mascara
Miss Sporty liquid eyeliner
MUA matte lipstick in Fawn Fancy
Freedom Makeup contour stick in fair
Glitter liner unknown
Revolution setting spray

My night-out look is always centred around chiselled cheeks and glitter, I like to have a really clean defined base with a little pop of craziness as I cover my eyes in glitter pretty much daily. Normally by the time I'm going out my base is still pretty decent and really, you're going to get sweaty anyways so there's no point completely re-doing your base. So I tend to just slap on some more concealer and powder. However, I do add my freedom makeup contour stick to achieve a more intense, cutting contour. This is so creamy so it blends so easily, especially if you spray your brush with setting spray before.

My eyes are forever my fave part of going out makeup. Following the guideline from my pencil liner I create a pretty dramatic wing and then using the liquid liner I draw tiny dots along my bottom lash line to get that ultimate spider lash affect. This Clinique high lengths mascara is my dream bottom lash mascara, it has a one-sided, comb-like brush that coats every lash so you get a really dramatic affect which I'm all for. Once the technical stuff is done I start piling on the glitter. I love using either my topshop chameleon glow or this glitter liner that I got god knows when. The more glitter the better, that's the mantra.

Slick on some lipstick and drown yourself in setting spray and the whole process takes about 15 mins ish. I honestly love this look, I wish I could wear glitter on my face 24/7!

If you've got any other quick change tips, send them my way!

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