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By Lucy Harbron - 11:57

Loreal Wild Ombre Kit in NO.2 ~ £5.50

So lately I've been stuck in a massive rut. When your life is just basically college and sleep, stuff gets boring and change is needed. So I decided to take a risk and wave goodbye to my natural (boring) hair and do something a little different.

Normally if I wanted a change I would cut my hair, but I'm really liking having longer hair at the moment, and I didn't want to dye my whole hair so instead I picked up the Loreal ombre kit and got bleaching. I got No.2 which is for dark blonde hair, but there's also kits for dark hair. 

The process was way simpler than I thought it would be- literally just mix some stuff together, slap it on and wait. The kit comes with a weird comb thing that's supposed to help you achieve that faded look. but honestly I mainly used my hands and smushed the product on so there would be no harsh lines. I only used half of the product so there's plenty of bleach if you have longer hair than me or want to take the ombre up higher. I then waited about 30 minutes and ta daaa!

So simple and easy to do, and so so so much cheaper than getting it done professionally! I think doing something like dip dye or ombre is a good option if you fancy a spontaneous change, as if you don't like it you can so easily dye over it or cut it off. Also you don't have to keep damaging your hair as there's no roots to cover up! Perfect option!

I was sceptical before using this kit, but honestly I really recommend it! It takes some time to ensure the dye is applied evenly and nicely blended, but I think it's pretty fool-proof and from what I've read online, it creates a lot of good results! All the Loreal dyes, including this kit, are on offer in boots at the moment, so if you're stuck in a rut there's nothing like some peroxide and hair dye fumes to pull you right out of it. Go get your hands on a new colour.

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  1. Love the finished result! I'm really wanting my hair a lot lighter for the summer!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

    1. thank you! and i definitely recommend this kit if your after a lightening effect x

  2. Your hair looks so good Lucy! It really suits you! x


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