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By Lucy Harbron - 18:27

Everyone knows how much I love music and how much I love finding new bands, so when I stumbled upon The Rose Affair on YouTube a while back it was true love. Almost a year later the band have become one of my faves as their eclectic collection of songs provides a track for every mood possible, as well as becoming a band I'm a huge cheerleader for after interviewing them way back in the summer and then having the chance to work with lead singer Lucas (absolute coolest guy ever) for issue two of Kiloran.

A little background on the band- hailing from Cambridge, The Rose Affair have been building up their sound since brothers Lucas and Matt started writing together as children. They've been steadily building up a fan-base on YouTube and gigging round Cambridge/London; And after promising to release an EP in May, they're finally released one…in December…

I was lucky enough to be allowed to listen to the EP early, so I've spent the last week or so listening to it on repeat and honestly it’s great, its perfect. I love albums/EPs that clearly tell a story and Lucas explained to me that the EP is essentially a product of all his favourite films and his obsession with that Hollywood concept of love and he really wanted the songs to tell this story when you listen through them. Well the band definitely achieved that, listening to the EP from start to finish mirrors that emotional roller-coaster that films take you on, and I guess the sort of instability of extreme highs extreme lows you feel in that ‘Hollywood’ kinda love.

I think the main thing I love about The Rose Affair is that their lyrics are the sort of lyrics that punch you in the heart and wound you for a couple days. This is massively the case on the EP with the first track Alba providing many killer lines and ‘Elisabeth’ is a real lyrical tear-jerker. Every song is so perfectly crafted with poetic lyrics and incredible beats. I’ve been listening to nothing else for a week and I have yet to skip a track as each song brings something new to the table ranging from the super upbeat indie pop ‘Kill us when we’re famous’ to the slower, darker ‘xo’ . (basically all five songs are 10/10)

I can’t recommend enough that you check The Rose Affair out, whether that be buying their EP for only £3.95 or giving some of their you-tube videos as listen as they have a super impressive catalogue of tunes (listen to Napoli, that’s my fave) They’re a rare gem of a band with the perfect  blend of really honestly descriptive, poetic lyrics and guitar riffs that make you want to throw away all your work and hop on a plane to new York and go dancing- A beautiful fusion that only comes from passion and clear talent. And as the band are planning loads of shows for 2016, so if you fall in love with the band like I did, you might even get so see them live next year!

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  1. Admire The Rose Affair so much!! My favourite from the EP would have to be XO but my all time favourite is I Forgive You (I think it's on YouTube), it tears me up every time. I also love Lucas' poetry on YouTube, so much talent. Great post Lucy!!

    Nabeela x

    1. They're incredible and Lucas is honestly the most talented person i know! xx

  2. Like you I stumbled upon The Rose Affair (at the Green Meadows Festival). Immediately struck by the quality of lyric, music and tight, but raw live performance. A gem of a find!


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