OOTD ~ Little Top, Little Price Tag...

By Lucy Harbron - 21:05

Vest top- Charity shop
Cardi- Primark
Jeans- Topshop Mom jeans
Sandals- New Look
Bag- Primark

Charity shop queen wins again with this pretty little top for only £1.99. I love the little details on this top like the little flowers on the front, the crocheted pattern on the front and especially the low back! Also the knitted material makes the piece so so comfy to wear but still looks super cute.

Today I was just going out for breakfast with a friend then coming back home to binge watch Orange Is The New Black so I kept it casual. I paired the top with my Topshop mom jeans for a more summery vibe than I would get with my black jeans and then this slouchy bat-wing cardi from Primark. This cardigan is so easy to throw on over anything as the shape is so effortless and floaty that it never overcrowds an outfit (does that make any sense? hopefully) And I topped it all off with my trusty sandals that I wear with pretty much everything and just a simple black bag.

My style has become so much more laid back recently, I seem to be opting more for my mom jeans than my skinny jeans, and I'm more drawn to floaty pieces at the moment. Maybe it's just my summer laziness creeping into my wardrobe? Maybe I've been listening to too much Stevie Nicks and can no longer wear anything that doesn't float when I spin around? or maybe it simply the fact that I've done nothing but watch TV and online shop for 3 days now so need to be comfy? Who knows.

I love this outfit so much as it's so simple and comfy but still looks nice. I think that's what I've been doing for lately- Comfy, effortless but still something a lil special. And that's exactly what this top is, so I've been reaching for it a lot recently.

Cute little top with an even littler price tag? PERFECT!

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