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By Lucy Harbron - 20:28

Silver Apatite ring(*)- Violet Plum Jewellery
Last week I was the lucky winner of Violet Plum Jewellery's twitter give-away contest and receive their gorgeous Silver Apatite ring.

Over the past months I've gone from wearing no jewellery, to being a total addict. And I have no doubt that this will be the start of a large ring collection.

After opening the parcel I was immediately struck by how dainty the ring is. It is so thin and delicate, yet the structure is still solid and it fits perfectly. My taste in jewellery is very simple so this is perfect for me as it is so subtle but so beautiful. I'm normally put off wearing rings as I feel like they get in the way but not this one, the apatite piece is so small and the ring is so weightless that I can hardly feeling it on my finger and it causes me no hassle throughout the day. PERFECT!

Violet Plum Jewellery has so many lovely pieces. Only a day or two before winning my ring I was actually on the verge of buying another of their rings, and I'll definitely be treating myself to one of their necklaces in the future (I've got my eye on their Titanium Quartz necklace)

I'd really recommend checking out their stuff if you're on the hunt for some affordable but still beautifully detailed jewellery.

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