Simple clothes, busy bodies...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:14


its the easter holidays which means revision and crying into chocolate wooo! I've been in and out of school for revision sessions and catch ups in several subjects (help me) so I've had to be in and out of the house trying to look presentable while also being too lazy to put much effort it.

So I've been reaching for simpler pieces that take like zero effort, here are some outfits I've been wearing!

vest top-Primark
This is super easy and all the pieces are pretty simple but I think it looks really nice as an outfit with the fitted top that blends into the shorts to look like a dress, with the huuuge cardi thrown over. Easy peasy.

Grey top-not sure sorry
Denim jacket-Oxfam (originally topshop)
bag-Vintage market in spain
 The other weekend I used some of the bleach London dye to slightly tint the ends of my hair, the actual colour was a pinky peach, not ginger like the pictures. But because of my hair I wanted a simple outfit with colour. I liked this grey top under my pinafore as it has a very open neck so didn't look too covered up or heavy underneath. When I went out I just threw my leather jacket over the top for warmth and a little edge.

crop top-h&m
Shorts (as before)-primark
choker-Pretty twisted
You've already seen this outfit but im seriously obsessed with it! its super comfy and easy to throw on but I think it looks really put together with the pop of colour and slight midriff.

Shorts& belt-River island
Cardi (as before)-h&m
 This shorts are so ridiculously uncomfy but I love how they look so I suffer! I kept reaching for this cardi all week as its so easy to just throw over, and its super cosy and adds some light to a pretty dark outfit, as well as the bag for a pop of colour and to carry a ridiculous amount of sweets... not even sorry. Also I liked the black top, black is always in.

This week it hit me that im going to have too dress myself in normal people clothes forever. No more easy life of waking up and throwing on a uniform. Im officially entering the real world and I refuse to enter it in jogging bottoms and leggings oh no oh no. Serious shopping is needed. I feel like simple pieces will be my saviour, simple and classic is always a good go to look. With small twists along the way, like lipstick and badass shoes and coats. Shoes and coats give me life, my love for shoes and coats is unbreakable.

Ok now im rambling!

Thank you for the positive reaction to my last post, it meant a lot to have people tell me I'd helped them out and made them feel better about themselves! I hope you all feel beautiful today cause you should cause daaaamn you look fine!

That's all I really have to say!

Hope you have a lovely lovely day,

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  1. I love your style so much :D

  2. Mmm, I especially love the second outfit, but all are so simple and so clean and I adore it. I'm definitely someone who tends to put everything they own on at the same time, so this is something I should definitely try haha.

  3. I adore all of these outfits! Love your style :) x

  4. love your style especially the first outfit, last outfit and the one with a red cardigan!

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