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By Lucy Harbron - 13:28


England is weird. In a week its gone from being so so so warm that I saw people in shorts and crop tops, to being finger numbingly cold. WHY?! not only is it a cruel tease about how far away summer is, but its annoying when trying to pick outfits! like what do you wear? t-shirt? jumper? snowsuit?

Therefore (fancy word, A* lucy) I've been relying on my layering skills to help me through until England will make up its mind and hopefully decide to be warm! Here's a few little tips and outfits and stuff for you!

jeans-Topshop jonis
"the rivets" crop top-H&M printed by my friend
Plaid shirt-Primark I think
So at the start of this week I could get away with just wearing a crop top and shirt so I added my flower crown to add some summer vibes and also cause it looks dang cute! I think a baggy shirt, whether it be plaid or just any old thing, is a super easy way of layering up, giving a little extra warmth but not totally smothering your outfit. I liked the effect it added to this outfit just thrown over a band t-shirt, ridiculously casual but I still really like it.

Oh and you can find the rivets at these places so make sure to follow/subscribe/like them cause they're amazing!-
And for the people who were curious and commented lovely things on my instagram pictures, my boyfriend is the lead singer.

Another easy way of layering which I think gets neglected, is putting a cute shirt under a dress. Its much much easier to do with a baggy smock dress as you can tell the shirt is there so it just looks like a pretty collar but it adds so much warmth and you don't have to put something over your dress, BONUS! With this particular colour scheme of like dark greys I would wear skin colour tights as I think with black tights you risk looking too covered up, if that's even possible! So I would swap black tights for woolly socks and boots for when you go out. I really like this outfit so cute!

Shirt as before-Topshop
Socks-same as before
This is probably the easiest, most simple look. The classic "oh I'll just throw on this conveniently cropped, perfectly coloured jumper, no biggie" I like how the green of this jumper matches like everything, I wouldn't have expected it to but the colour is so versatile and its super cosy! This is an easy go to as it looks good with or without the jumper so if the weather suddenly improves you can easily just whip it off and still look fab. You can wear tights with this outfit as well of course, I just couldn't be bothered.

Leather jacket-Oxfam, originally topshop.
(for the bottom right look)
Chocker-Pretty Twisted
A lighter jacket is a must for this see-saw season. And I've been after a leather jacket for so long and I finally found this beauty in Oxfam. It adds an edgier touch to any outfit so I can just throw it over anything. I especially liked it with the skirt/jumper look as it kinda off-set the girly look with a little toughness. A leather or a denim jacket is always good as it adds a layer of warmth without looking too heavy cause the worst thing is putting together an amazing outfit and then having to cover the whole thing with a stupid heavy coat. But if you get your layering skills on point, you can use your layers to just add more and more to an outfit. Keep textures and patterns in mind if you want to make it a little fancy and fabulous.

I think that's about it! I've got quite a few blog ideas so hopefully I'll be around more in between revision and crying over revision. Follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up with my daily adventures and we can be besties.

Hope you're all doing well and have a lovely lovely day

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  1. love your style, also I've nominated you for the Liebster Award if you want to do it you can find the information here

  2. The weather is pretty much the same in Ireland too, and it absolutely sucks cause it could be warm 1 minute and raining and cold the next! This post was quite helpful cause I'm a huge fan of layering during the colder more bipolar weather! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can check it out on my blog! :) x


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