OOTD-tough chelsea...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:23


Im back from holiday in sunny Spain, I'd like to thank Lucy for being fab while I was gone, how amaze were her posts?! But atm im being lazy and achieving nothing so I haven't finished sorting holiday photos to show you so here have an ootd!

Shorts-River island-£15
nail varnish-model's own indian ocean-£5

 I bought this knitted jacket thing the other day and I love it! I think its really made in Chelsea, reminds me of something millie would wear, but then the leather lining adds a tougher touch so I paired it with my slightly distressed denim shorts and crop top to add more toughness to it. I love this nail varnish as well, I bullied my friend into painting them for me as I don't actually have a really pretty shimmery, almost holographic polish and this ones perfect! I also bullied her into giving me a henna, which I adore, im like praying it doesn't fade! It wraps all the way around my ankle and its lyrics from my favourite song, (Keaton Henson of course) and says "come on baby make me fall in love with you", im thinking of ordering some henna tubes, so you should get used to seeing them aha!

What've you been wearing?

That's all for now folks,
have a lovely day!
I think im going to start adding one of my poems to the end of each post, is that ok?

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