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By Lucy Harbron - 19:43

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So this post is kind of negative but I've been realising lately just how bad some of the products i use are! And I'm not saying they are totally rubbish just i don't think personally we get on very well.
        Also some of these products in past posts I've been like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!" but since then I've changed my mind! I just feel like i talk about lots of products i like but not ones i don't so here you gooooo!

Disappointing Products #1

VO5 "Give Me Texture" dry texturising spray

I don't like my hair to be perfectly neat so i like it quite messy and tousled so when i got this product for Christmas i was sooo happy! I used it almost everyday instead of hairspray and fold the instructions down to every last detail....but yeah it doesn't work! It just didn't seem to make any difference to my hair at all or keep it styled for longer! From boots it's £3.49 which i don't think is that bad but what is the point in paying money for a product that works no better than a can of tesco's own hairspray?! I was just really let down by this as i was so excited about it! I'm not giving up on salt sprays though I'm definitely going to try a different make one. I really would not recommend this VO5 one though, it sprays like a hairspray and just vanishes and didn't effect my hair at all! Total disappointment!

Rimmel "lasting finish 1000 kisses" lip tint + balm
I only bought this a week or so ago and at first i raved about it in the haul post (HERE) I've used it quite a few times since then. I still adore the colour and I'll still use it but i won't be repurchasing! I have three problems with this product-
  1. The balm- It dries my lips out! My friend really likes the balm but i personally feel like it is too thick and just seems to sit on my lips and not moisturise them at all. In my opinion it feels like glue, seriously i really don't like the balm so i never use it! Also when you put the balm over the lip tint it makes no difference! I think the lip tint looks a lot nicer on its own and in my opinion i think the balm should have been make a lot shinier and almost glittery to use when you're out somewhere or if you want to jazz the colour up a bit. I think the balm just lacks like it is pretty much useless!
  2. "lasting"...LIES!-Rimmel says-"Apply the colour on clean bare lips for all day colour". RIMMEL LIES! I wore it yesterday and applied it after dinner at about 1:30pm then went to my Grandma's house then picked up my friend and came home. By the time i got home at like 2:30pm it was pretty much gone! I hadn't had anything to eat or drink in that time and it had just disappeared?! Sure it doesn't transfer onto anything but it is most definitely not "lasting". I did a little experiment today and applied the lip tint before i eat and after the meal so about half an hour later it was totally gone. Such a let down as the colour is gorgeous but for £5 i just don't think it is worth it.
  3. Application-Like most lip tints this product has a tip like a felt tip. For me i don't find it easy to use at all! You couldn't apply it on the go you need a mirror to be able to draw around the shape of your lips where as with a lipstick bullet you can apply anywhere. Also i found that the colour is very uneven when you apply it and the outline always looks much darker as when you apply it the tip seems to dry out and i don't know i just don't like how it applies at all!
I would recommend this product if you want it to stay just for a short amount of time but for daily use i don't think it is worth the money.

Rimmel "Scandaleyes Show Off" mascara

I'll admit that i have talked about how much i like this quite a lot but I've recently stopped using it. Sure it volumises and lifts your eyelashes. But although it says "no clumps" it clumps. It is annoying because you have to put quite a few coats on for it to lift and volumise your lashes but when your lashes finally look good they are clumped. You either get one or the other-Volume and lift or no clumps. Also it just crumbled! I've stopped using this for school now because i was finding that by the time i got home all around my eyes looked quite dark and it had just crumbled off and my eyelashes were bare! If you rub your eyes when you have this product on it just smudged and no one wants that! It's such a shame as it is applies really nicely and the wand is to thick and lovely but it just disappears and for the price you pay you can get much better!

Lush "Magic Wand" bubble bar
Oh god everyone is going to hate me for this! I will probably still buy another one of these mainly because they are so cute i can't resist and they smell amazing!!! BUT for a "bubble bar" the bubbles are a let down! Sure they make a good amount of bubbles but within like 5-10 minutes all of the bubbles have disappeared and i find myself left in a bubble-less bath with pink water. I much prefer the bath bomb purely because they are just less fuss! After you've used the bar it is just a fuss letting it dry then wrapping it up again whereas with the bath bombs it's just drop and enjoy the fizzing noise. I know everyone seems to love these bubble bars and sure I've enjoyed using it, i just think they are massively hyped up but you get more bubbles for a simple bottle of bubble bath?! What did anyone else think of these?

Leave me a comment telling me what you think of the products I've talked about or any others you've been disappointed by!

That's all for now folks
Have a great week
Much love

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