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By Lucy Harbron - 17:05

If you've read my Exam Eating post then you'll know that I'm desperately trying to eat better in preparation for my exams next week so I've been swapping out some treats with healthy alternatives.

One thing I love love love to make is Nice Cream which is basically just frozen bananas blended into an ice-cream consistency. And as Eat Clean Tea is offering bloggers samples of their matcha green tea to share some summery recipes, I knew I had to share my recipe. This honestly tastes amazing and is so good for you, packed full of natural energy and antioxidants making it perfect for a healthy summer dessert to keep you cool!

What You Need... 
(makes about 3 portions)

3 Bananas- Peeled, cut up and frozen over night. (ripe, spotty bananas will blend better!)
Coconut Milk (or really any other milk)
Matcha Powder*
Maple Syrup (optional)

Eat Clean Tea offer different flavours of matcha including Ginger and Mint, so maybe if you're new to matcha or unsure on the flavour try out a flavour before diving straight into the original!

What to do...

1) Firstly you need to freeze your bananas overnight so they're totally frozen. The bananas are what's going to make up the base of the nice cream. 

2) Put 3 tablespoons of coconut milk (or whatever milk you're using) into a bowl with 1 tablespoon of matcha powder and whisk until they're fully combined. Chances are on the top of your tin of coconut milk there will be a layer of more solid coconut cream, if you just stir it with a fork it will revert back into the milk! If you want your nice cream to be even creamier, put a tablespoon of the coconut cream in as well. 

3) Then put your frozen bananas into a food processor and pulse them until they break down into smaller pieces.

4) Add in the matcha mixture and maple syrup if you want some extra sweetness, and blend away! After a while it should become the consistence of soft serve ice-cream. If not, simple add in a little more milk.

And serve! If you want it more solid, put the mixture into a tub and pop it into the freezer for a little bit to harder. But if not, enjoy as is!

So refreshing and totally guilt-free! I honestly love making nice cream, I think it's even better than normal ice-cream and it's so adaptable. Mix anything in with the frozen bananas and you can pretty much make any flavour imaginable!

Have you ever tried matcha? And if you have, how do you drink it/use it?

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