Playlist ~ Finish Line In Sight...

By Lucy Harbron - 15:25

Exams have kicked in big time now as I've officially finished college and am now on study leave ahh. For me, once the exams start then I start to be able to see the finish line and it actually becomes less stressful and easier to revise. But revision now is like SERIOUS no messing around revision so of course I made the ultimate heads-down studying playlist.

I'm the sort of person that gets way too into a song and when I was listening to other playlists, revision time basically became karaoke time. Then I found a playlist called "music for concentration" that was all instrumentals and like classical pieces and I was honestly so much more productive as I wasn't skipping songs or getting carried away singing along. So I made my own!

This playlist has 7 and a half hours worth of music in it so it's perfect to just press play and get your head down. It full of super chill pieces of music as well as the scores from some of my fave films like 500 Days Of Summer and The Great Gatsby. So much ambiance!

Give it a listen and I promise it will help you get so much done!

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