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By Lucy Harbron - 15:10

So things have been a little quiet from me over the past month but finally I'm back! I thought I should fill you in on whats been happening because it's been a busy busy busy month...

4th June

June started in a haze of revision. After starting study leave in late may my life was literally revision alllll day so I started to get a little stir crazy. Restlessness led me to cut my own hair over my bathroom sink... and it was damn empowering! I'd wanted to cut my hair for a while but I'm always so indecisive about my hair, until one night I just grabbed some scissors and did it myself. The result was surprisingly even and nice, so at least if I fail all my exams, it looks like I've got a promising career in hairdressing...

17th June

After an intense couple weeks of exams I was finally free. It's the strangest feeling ever, I've worked for two years towards these exams and within a week and a bit they were over. I feel a little lost without revision if I'm honest but walking out of my final exam (English Literature) I felt instant relief ahhh. I'm so so so so proud of myself and at several points during college I couldn't see myself being able to complete these exams, but I pushed through and I'm hopeful that I've done enough to get me to the next step! So if all goes well, in September I'll hopefully be relocating to Sheffield to study English ahh!!

20th June

But I didn't really get to celebrate my freedom as the following Monday I went under the knife. If you haven't seen my constant complaining on twitter, I've been pretty ill since like December with really awful recurring tonsillitis. I've had so so many rounds of antibiotics, so many wooden sticks poked in my mouth, a needle stabbed into my tonsil but the docs decided my tonsils had to go. I won't lie to you, it was pretty awful. I have a really bad phobia of being sick/hearing people be sick, so being on a ward all alone with people around me being sick was probably one of the worst experiences of my life, but as my mum would say, I'm a trooper! The doctors discovered that my swollen tonsils had been blocking 75% of my throat (?!?!?!!?) so I'm definitely glad to be rid of them. 6 hours and a slice of toast later and I was heading home to recover.

The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. At first my dosages of painkillers were way way too high so the days were a haze. But honestly, its been nice to have some down time after all the stress of my exams. So during recovery I've read Lolita, started reading On The Road, written a whole bunch and watched a LOT of next top model and Nashville. 

I'm planning on doing a whole post about tonsillectomy's and tips for recovering as I've been finding it really hard to find tips and advice, so maybe I could help someone else out.

Another thing I've been doing is planning and working on issue 3 of my mag KILORAN set for release in late august. I always get so excited about working on the mag as I'm so passionate about it and it's such a privilege getting to work with so many incredible people. I'm so excited to share the body issue with you all, and if you want to contribute there's still time so drop me an email! 

Read past issues HERE

28th June

After a week and a bit of recovery, I re-entered the real world to attend my sister's graduation. My super brainy big sis graduated from Durham University with a degree in Maths and I'm proud as punch! She's worked so hard and is making all her dreams come true. It was a lovely day and I got to wear the most beautiful dress (post coming soon) We drank free prosecco, attended celebrations that were far to fancy for the likes of me, and had an amazing afternoon tea which hurt my throat like hell but was SO worth it (I love clotted cream more than anything). 

And now I'm here. No longer a college student, just in limbo waiting for the next step! So expect lots of posts in the next two months as I attempt to fill my time. Thank you for being so patient with me this month, but never fear, ya girls back!

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