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By Lucy Harbron - 20:56

When I woke up this morning all my timelines were blessed with Met Gala pictures and honestly I cried a little tear of joy. The theme was beautiful, the outfits were divine and here's a few of my fave looks...

Amandla Stenberg in Calvin Klein

I bloody love Amandla, I think she's so incredibly intelligent but also always kills it in the fashion game. I love her this in crop suit, it has just a powerful, girl-boss vibe that totally fits her. Yet the silky material and crown gives the look a sense of decadence. Its the perfect mix of classic and other-worldly. Yes yes yes from me, I love girls in suits at big events like this!

Lorde  in Valentino

Lorde looks like a dreamy fairy ballerina in this tulle layered gown. It's so refreshing to see her in light colours rather than her signature black, and I think she looks so amazing. The pastel dress and her pale skin set against her black hair creates the perfect contrast and makes the look even more dramatic. I just think this look is so delicate but still so powerful as the layered tulle creates an amazing texture to the dress. Love it, and I also love that Lorde got celebs like Taylor and Kanye to sign her cast at the event. What a babe. I can't waaait for new music from Lorde!

Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Straight up I think this could be my favourite look of the night. I love everything about this Gucci dress- the star print, the flowing material, the neck-line and the delicate lace. It's so simple in its shape but Dakota wears the dress so beautiful and the pattern and little details make it so interesting. The minute I saw this dress I fell in love, so insanely beautiful. I don't even know what else to say, it's dreamy.

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

Nicole got the theme perfectly in this space gown. So shimmery, so decadent, she looks like a queen. But really when does Nicole Kidman ever not look 10/10 on a red carpet? I think for me, this look met the theme- fashion in an age of technology- the best as it's so futuristic but so classic in its shape and cut. And the insane detail on this dress is out of this world, breathtaking. Imagine seeing this dress in daylight, would reflect so much light ahh magical.

Some of my other favourites were Lily Alridge, Florence Welch, Lily Rose Depp, Juno Temple and Lena Dunham's squad all in suits and glasses. What were your fave looks of the night?

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  1. I love these looks so much, too!!!! They're all so different, but soooo beautiful. I love seeing the gowns people wear at these, it's so fun.

    1. ahhh i know! i always get so excited to see what people wear xx

  2. I loved these outfits, but my favourite was probably Claire Danes's (?) light up gown

  3. The Met Gala 2016 showcased an array of stunning fashion moments. How Stuttering Fix Notable favorites included Beyoncé's latex gown, Claire Danes' illuminated dress, and Lupita Nyong'o's striking hairstyle.


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