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By Lucy Harbron - 10:34

It's a rare occasion that I'm dragged away from my laptop, but last week I was dragged all the way to the Isle of Wight- a place with an abundance of coffee shops, scenic views and winding roads but absolutely no wifi. Was I on holiday or was I forced to partake in an Internet detox? who knows.
And so I spent a week walking along beaches, eating far too many scones, drinking far too many lattes, winning uno and becoming addicted to art therapy colouring books.

We quickly discovered that the Isle of Wight is very small and that most attractions were for younger kids, not my 20 year old sister and I. But we made do. One attraction I did love was Osborne House which was Queen Victoria's summer home. The décor was so intricate and regal I think I could've looked at it forever, and I love history so it was interesting reading about the house and the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Super super pretty house.

However it wasn't all cream teas and strolling round houses. Last Tuesday me and my sister threw ourselves off cliffs. We didn't feel quite brave enough to skydive so we thought we'd test the waters and try out paragliding. Oh my gosh it was incredible! The view that stretched all the way from fields, to cliffs, to sea and I could even see the mainland. The whole flight was recorded by a selfie stick, which is super dizzying to watch back but honestly it's an experience I definitely wont forget. And I think next time I'll jump out of a plane...

Honestly holidays stress me out quite a lot. I hate having to leave everything behind like this blog, and all the other little projects I'm working on. I'm the sort of person that needs to be in control, I like lists and phone reminders and being able to just work on things. So being laptop-less and wifi-less for a week was tricky! But all in all I enjoyed myself. It was nice to be able to just relax, go for a warm in the warm weather, play some crazy golf and not be stressed about college etc. If you're after a total detox, relax holiday without having to pay a ridiculous amount or fly across oceans, I think the Isle of Wight it a good choice. It's calming, it's pretty and there's several beaches for you to lounge to your heart's content.

It was so lovely to just get away for a week with my family, I asserted my authority as queen of card games, became a colouring god and developed an unhealthy addiction to clotted cream, but now i'm home and back to work on a exciting secret project which will be revealed SOON (watch this space and keep your eyes on my social media! )

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  1. Aw it sounds like you had such a lovely time, definitely gonna be adding this to the (extremely) long list of places to visit! I also feel like if I'm away for just a few days I'm missing out on so much. I know how it feels to always want to be in control of what's happening but sometimes a break is necessary. Great post!!

    Nabeela x


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