Fashion & Film #2 ~ True Romance...

By Lucy Harbron - 13:01

True Romance is my idea of a perfect film. Written by Quentin Tarantino; there's action, there's eccentrically real characters, scenes to make you laugh, scenes to make you cry and as the title suggests- romance. Infatuating, dangerous romance that mirrors the likes of Bonnie and Clyde. Everything I love in a film, True Romance has.

One thing that drew me to sit down and watch True Romance was the bright colours and eclectic clothes worn by the two main characters- Alabama and Clarence. For a film that gets pretty dark and violent, the colour schemes and outfits worn seem to totally juxtapose the themes in the film. But I guess that sums up the relationship of Clarence and Alabama; totally in love and happy while surrounded by danger. And the bright clothes only add to this idea of them being a beacon for love and hope. Well that's my interpretation.

True Romance style would fit right into summer and has a total Ibiza vibe. The bright neons in clashing prints and textures seem to work so perfectly on Alabama and I think it's all down to the silhouettes- floaty bandeau tops with leggings, bras paired with a-line skirts, low cut dresses with a oversized coat thrown over the top. The off-setting shapes keep the look playful but never too sexy. perfect!

I'll be channelling Alabama in what's left of the summer by working print on print and never shying away from colour. Pairing a patterned a-line skirt with a blue bralette as a more wearable take on her signature look. Then going into winter I'll be throwing big coats over little dresses.

However if that's not really your style, you can always go for a Clarence look. Think Hawaiian skirts over plain white tees and a khaki military jacket or a bright blazer. Clarence style is very Americana meet Tropicana.

I'm totally lusting after this Clarence and Alabama tattoo t-shirt. I love this film so much I'm 100% willing to unleash my fangirl love onto the public via this t-shirt. Might have to be my next purchase.

For me, True Romance is one of the most beautiful films ever made. A tale of love in it's most dangerous form yet the relationship between the two never becomes toxic.

One of the best final scenes ever.

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