Do's and Don't's For The Night Before Results Day...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:06

DO- Whatever relaxes you

Slap on a face mask, run yourself a bath, watch Breakfast At Tiffany's, eat your bodyweight. Whatever will keep you relaxed and occupied, do that!

DON'T- Go Anywhere Near A Textbook

I know that temptation. The little voices in your head telling you to take a peak in the book to see whether you got that one question right or wrong, RESIST IT! Opening the book will not transport you back to the exam hall 3 months ago and at this stage it's better to not know the answer than add to the fear.

DO - Invite Friends round

Nothing better than your friends to keep you happy and busy. Get on that group inbox and organise a spontaneous cinemas trip or something, cause otherwise you'll all just be in the same boat but alone.

DON'T- Talk To Friends About The Exam/The Results

Talking about it obsessively for hours is guaranteed to send you into a stress spiral and bring back nightmare flashbacks of that history exam. Instead, if you're friend brings it up, assure them that you have all the confidence in the world in them and swiftly move the conversation along to something nice like food.

DO- Remind yourself that the past is the past, what's done is done

No amount of stress will change your results, so it is what it is. Best thing you can do now is forget about it and relax. Here's a video of Mia Goth talking- if her voice doesn't relax you I really dint know what will...

DON'T- Constantly say "ugh I'm going to have done so bad"

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE! You're going to do great, everything is going to be great, the world is your oyster!

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  1. I'm so worried for results tomorrow but I keep telling myself they're only AS's and there are always repeats!! I'm going round to my friends for a movie night to keep my mind off them :)

    Good luck tomorrow xxx


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