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By Lucy Harbron - 16:40

(all images from pinterest)
Over the summer I'm going to re-decorate my bedroom so I've started compiling some pictures as inspo. I want to create a really calm, 'zen' space that still feels cosy so I'm loving the thought of calming paint colours with warm pops of colour via a wall hanging or decorations. I'm totally in love with the stick hanging dream catchers, it's so simple yet such a beautiful touch to a room. I'm really drawn to boho/hippie interiors; all the little details make the space so beautiful, so I really want to recreate that in my room.

Basically I want my bedroom to be Misty Day's hut from American Horror Story coven, a space I can be free to spin around like Stevie Nicks at my hearts content...

me in approx 2 months
AHH thinking about decorating and interior design makes me so excited!

Find my pinterest board full of bedroom inspo HERE

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