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By Lucy Harbron - 21:05

Lately I seem to be listening to about 100% more music than I used to purely because I've been on a lot of long journeys and its an easy way of blocking out distractions when trying to rush my homework in college (stay in school kids). So I thought I'd share with you what I've been listening to lately!

 Lets start of with the most obvious choice. If you follow me on twitter (which you should) you'll know how totally fan girl I've been lately but OH MY GOD this album is just a piece of pure art work! it some how manages to be totally different to what Taylor has ever done before, but still the same in that the lyrics are still totally on point and relatable. I also love the range of the album from "I'm so in love" tracks, to "I don't need no man" tracks. Basically I just love the new Taylor, I love what she stands for and how she dresses and her interviews and everything else. If you haven't the heard the new album you reaaally need to, even if you aren't normally a fan I think the album will appeal to a lot of people!

My favourite tracks are-
  • blank space
  • out of the woods
  • I know places
  • clean
  • new romantics (my new girl power anthem)


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've started to really like King Krule lately. His album 6 feet beneath the moon is pretty much on repeat at the moment. Theres just something about his voice that I really love, its like gritty but calming at the same time.

My favourite tracks are-
  • easy easy
  • baby blue
  • out getting ribs

I love Banks so much and her album really didn't let me down. The beats mixed with her emotional lyrics just build up such good tracks. Also her voice is like chocolate, fancy super smooth chocolate. The album is genuinely a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from "I'm so fab" to "gonna cry forever" If you haven heard of banks, 1)you're missing out, 2)listen now!

My favourite tracks are-
  • waiting game
  • warm water
  • you should know where I'm coming from (this track is like my fave song at the moment, its so beautiful I could cry)
  • someone new
  • beggin for thread

I think I'm in love with George Ezra. Like its really getting worrying but I'm obsessed with everything about him. I finally got his album last week and I haven't really listened to anything else since. His voice is so deep and manly and beautiful but his lyrics are so sweet and just AHHH. Just like 1989 this album has so much range from really cheerful tracks like listen to the man, to really dark tracks like its just my skin. You'll probably have heard his song Budapest (if you haven't, where've you been??) but honestly I think there are much better tracks than that on the album so its definitely definitely worth a listen!

My favourite tracks are-
  • listen to the man
  • leaving it up to you
  • breakaway
  • da vinci riot police
  • stand by your gun
  • all the other tracks on the album
  • basically the whole album is golden
There's also been a lot of other songs I've been obsessing over lately but mainly the new 1975 song 'medicine'

I just cant handle it. It makes me want to be in a movie where I meet eyes with a handsome man and its all slow motion and heart eyes ahh.

What've you been listening to lately? Give me suggestions below!

If you want to see what im listening to or listen to my playlists you can follow me on spotify HERE

Hope you're all doing ok xo

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