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By Lucy Harbron - 15:46

I'm probably not the Lucy that you were expecting but I hope I'll do just for a little while. Lucy Andrew reporting for duty (was that cheesy? yes. (do I care? no.))

Daily Facial Makeup: Review 
from left to right:
1)Estée Lauder-Face Primer Plus
2)MAC-Select Sheer Pressed Powder
3)Bare Minerals-MultiTasking Concealer
4)Beauty uk-Blush&Brush in Capital pink

1) I use the primer any day that I remember because not only does it help my makeup stay in place throughout the entire day it also feels like silk when I apply it, this means on hot days when I have had a massive breakout I can still apply foundation without feeling totally weighed down!! But... at £22 for 30ml it could be worth shopping around unless your money is burning a hole. 7/10

2) There's not many pros or cons to this, a powder's a powder. We all know MAC renowned for its quality and it doesn't disappoint. The only issue I'm having is that the shade is too dark and so I'm finding the little I am applying just isn't noticeable enough. Again 6/10

3) This concealer is the best ever to be made!! That is a big statement to make I know, but hand on heart it has no flaws. Although it is a little pricey you most definitely get you moneys worth this pot has lasted me since January and I'm not even half way through. Unlike the lipstick concealers and the liquid ones it gives a light, even, natural coverage. 10/10

4) This blusher, honestly, is terrible. The shade is far too bright for me and after application the colour in my cheeks lasts all of 20 minutes. At only £2.99 I wasn't expecting a miracle worker but I should have just paid the extra to get something half decent. 2/10 

That's all I really use on my skin. In conclusion I'd definitely say that when it comes to face makeup pay the extra couple of pounds because it will be worth it in the long run. Tomorrow (or maybe the day after if I'm extra lazy) I will do a daily eye makeup tutorial. How exciting!!

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