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By Lucy Harbron - 21:26

Hello again!
If you have read  my previous post, imagine that I have put on all my face makeup because now imma do eyes...

Daily Eye Makeup: Tutorial


For my eyebrows I use a beauty uk brow pencil which comes with a brow brush. I sketch my eyebrows, not long lines and then use the brush to rub away any visible lines. Next I  use my No7 Lash&Brow Perfector and brush my eyebrows in the opposite direction to which they grow, this gives them a bushier, fuller effect. 


I have only recently bought this eye primer by MUA so I haven't really had long enough to make a decision on it but so far signs are looking good! The primer applies like a lip gloss or a liquid concealer would and I put it all over my eyelids. The primer helps to keep my makeup on for longer and ensures my eye shadow is crease-free. 


Next it's eye shadow. This is the MUA-Undressed palette which I bought at the same time as my eye primer and I really like it. There are a combination of metallics and nudes so my eyes can fit whatever mood or occasion. Normally I'll start by patting shade 1 all over my lid giving me basically a blank canvas. Then using the labelled shade 2 I will also pat that only over 2 thirds of my eye lid starting at the outer corner working my way in. Next I will smudge shade 3 in the outer corner of my eye up to just under half way. I will use shade 4 almost as an eyeliner on the margin of my eye and also put a tiny bit just in the corner and also on my waterline. Finally to make my eyes more noticeable I then go back and use shade 1 on the  inner lid and also on my brow-bone. 


Eyeliner is my favourite thing to use, for me it changes my whole face. I use a gel one and almost always do winged eyeliner. I always do it after my eyeshadow and I think it makes it a whole lot easier because you already have your shape drawn out and just have to fill in the lines, like reverse colouring in. The best tip I've ever gotten for the application of eyeliner is to always take the wing/flick to the direction of the end of your eyebrow, do that and you can't go wrong. BUT just incase you do it's always handy to have some cotton buds soaked in eye makeup remover accessible. 
That's it, all done! This is what I get...
(ooo first time you've seen my face)

Thanks for reading

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