Fashion & Film #12 ~ When Harry Met Sally...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:58

Similar to Annie Hall and Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally is a hot bed of 80s fashion that no doubt you turned your nose up at the first time you watched it, but now you're reconsidering your judgement. I'm obsessed, but it's not just me, ManRepeller recently fangirled over the films dreamy fall fashion prompting me to rewatch the heartwarming classic pronto.

Sally, played by Meg Ryan, has got the masculine/feminine tailored look down to a T. When we're first introduced to her she's serving a look of bermuda shorts and matching navy cardigan and knee high socks; it shouldn't work but somehow it's making me want to copy? As the film passes through time Sally goes through all the trends; shoulder-pad power suits, high neck jumpers, tailored trousers, off the shoulder dressed and mom jeans. Everything she wears I could find in my wardrobe, proving that style never dies and trends are nothing but cyclical.

But it's not just the ladies. Harry styles knitted jumpers, jeans and fresh trainers just like 90% of my uni population. Throughout the film, his style managing to become less dad and more 90s, leaving behind the cord and becoming more inspo worthy as he sorts his damn priorities out.

I also wanna give a shoutout to the extra seen in the background of the baseball scene, wearing black joggers, black sweatshirt but fresh white trainers. I've been wearing this look nope stop, swapping the sportswear for cigarette trousers but keeping the same monochrome.

Maybe the characters outfits may take it a smidge too far, but you can't deny the influence haunting us still into 2018, and I for one am inspired to purchase a girlboss, 80s power blazer.

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