In 2018 I Will...

By Lucy Harbron - 11:24

I've spoken a lot on social media about my 2017 and it's severe highs and lows. The conclusion drawn as the earth spins round to where it started is that 2017 was without a doubt the hardest year of my life with challenges I never thought I'd face. But more importantly 2017 was the most productive year of my life (so far) and proved to me that I am more driven, passionate, resilient and strong than I ever knew. The theme of 2017 was overcoming, and so the theme of 2018 will be growing and thriving like never before.
So this year I've decided to focus only on what's ahead, and write dos instead of don'ts. Here are my 2018 aims.

In 2018 I will...

1) Work to treat and talk to myself as I would to others.

2) Stay focused on uni and projects, tackle lack of motivation but also allow myself rest.

3) Practise balance in every aspect of my life.

4) Release another book.

5) Learn a new skill, totally separate from writing.

6) Do more, go out more, see friends more.

7) Be carefree and caring, refuse to care anymore about things that are gone and done.

8) Try to be more patient and logical towards my mental health.

9) Cook more and expand my meal repertoire.

10) Put more effort in with people I love and who love me, remember that small things are significant.

11) Work to become less frightened to verbally speak what I'm feeling to people.

12) Try to spend less than 2 hours a day on social media, and stop myself when ever I notice myself mindlessly scrolling.

13) Read more books and buy more magazines.

14) Be better with money. This one isn't optional.

15) Actively seek new friends, new chances and new hobbies.

16) Work to let go of worries and comparisons that don't motivate me and aren't healthy.

17) Only carry lessons from the past year, not negative feelings or labels.

18) Explore more. Someone please get me on holiday.

19) Celebrate my own achievements.

20) Make myself happy, and make others happy.

My mantra for the year will be-

'Don't call yourself names you would never taint another with. Don't treat yourself in ways you would never dream of treating another.'

Here's to the new year x

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  1. I love this! You have a way with words. I hope you have a happy 2018 x


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