Revision Playlist ~ soft and calm...

By Lucy Harbron - 12:54

We've reached the stagnation period of the exam/revision time, when you're probably burnt out, definitely bored. Nothing inspires you anymore, your motivation is non-existent. You're basically done.

But here I am with a new playlist of fresh noises for your ears.

I think a good soundtrack is vital to revision. Something mellow but not sad, calm but not slumberish with regular pace changes to speed up your writing to. Soft, unoffensive songs that you won't want to skip or spend too much time finding the perfect one.

Ta-da, here it is. A 3 hour long playlist of soft and calm songs to bring the inspiration back in the final stretch. Featuring some of my fave artists and fave new finds. Regularly added to so follow the playlist for new songs to fuel you.

Another really good option for revision soundtrack is listening to your spotify discovery playlist which is based on what you listen to, so is bound to match your taste. Pre-made playlists are a saviour to minimise procrastination time. And you're welcome for this one. I think it's pretty 10/10.

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