The Final Copy Of Chrysalism...

By Lucy Harbron - 16:12

8 days post-release and there is only one copy of chrysalism left. Oh my.

As cliche as it sounds, I never expected this. My initial plan was to make 18 copies, expecting to have a couple left over but maybe be able to sell a few on the fad of them being 'limited edition'. If someone told me when I first decided to make the book that I would sell out, or that I would have to print a second batch even before release date, I wouldn't have believed them. Never ever.

The level of support I've had, and the beautiful things people have said about my work and this book that is essentially my diary, it means more than I'll ever be able to articulate. I'll keep trying but I'll never quite be able to do it.

This whole experience has been mental and has made me feel so much more confident. I want to plan my second book and share literally EVERYTHING. I was so scared before release, the thought of giving these really personal pieces to the world and having no control of them made me want to run and hide, but there's something so beautifully intimate in it. Each time I seal a book into an envelope, I feel like I'm sharing a secret, I get a bit smiley and emotional each time. I want to seal them all with a kiss and a hug. And all I can hope is that everyone else feels the same, I hope that the book feels a bit like a kiss and a hug. I hope it's sitting on shelves, waiting on bed-side tables, a little bent around the corners. Oooo I hope it's being underlined and scribbled in, in true English student style. I hope it's being enjoyed.

All I can really say is thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I doubt this will be the complete, total, full-stop end of chrysalism. I'll probably print more at some point if it's wanted. But for now, there's one copy left. I can't wait to send it to a good home.

Otherwise, if you're in Sheffield; the glorious, delightful La Biblioteka have a stock of 5 copies. Go grab one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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