Coats Of The Season ~ The Roadman Vs. The Princess...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:16

Black puffer- ZARA
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Leopard print scarf - Topshop
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Pink puffer - Primark
Stripe scarf - ZARA

Tommy Jumper- UO
Leopard Print coat - ZARA
Star Trainers - Pull & Bear
Both trousers - ZARA
White coat - Topshop
Beanie - H&M

This winter I'm so into merging completely different aesthetics, my wardrobe has become a mess. I think the colder seasons are the perfect time to experiment with stuff like this as the necessity for layers forces you to add different aspects to your outfit and create combos you might not be able to slot perfectly into the fashion hole you fall down in summer.

The two coats I'm all heart-eyes for this winter show this completely - the puffer vs the fur. The roadman vs the princess. Two completely different looks from completely different fashion backgrounds and histories but I think, when done right, they can be so interchangeable, merging a more business casual, YSL fem/masc look with the sportswear that hype that's so huge at the moment. I think both of them are such statement pieces they make the outfit rather than mask it.

Someone please get me to Primark so I can get my hands on their new baby pink puffer! I'll be wearing mine with either high-waist mom jeans and boots for ultimate 90s babe vibes, or tailored trousers and trainers. I just love that mix of formal and casual. The merging of street-wear/sportswear and structured pieces used to feel so superior, kept only for big time 'spotted at fashion week' bloggers like Susie Bubble, but now the high-street is so on it, it's everywhere.

And for once it's not a case of pick your side like it so often is in fashion. The stereotypes that were once associated with these two bold coat choices have completely mutated. The view of women in fur coats as snobs or rich kids faded into nothing when the fashion industry turned its back on real fur (ew), and the idea of 'chav couture' was fully adopted the moment that Burberry print (you know the one) became a thing but also as sports brands have become a vital aspect of this era of ready to wear high fashion, possibly partly due to Yeezy and the supreme kids (?)

I love that the coats of the season are almost ironic in their styling. Like yeah, I'm going to put on my best Zara cigarette trousers, a turtle neck-jumper, some Jeffrey Campbell statement PVC star books and oh yeah, my north face puffer.

Ironic street-wear, ironic rich girl vibes. LOVE IT. I'll take both please.

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