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By Lucy Harbron - 16:55

What do you do when you A) can't afford a fancy outfit, B) have no reason to own/wear a fancy outfit? You judge what other people choose to wear of course!

The 2016 Fashion awards took place on Monday so all the top names in fashion (and fame in general) were there, meaning there were some stellar outfits. Lets discuss...

Pixie Geldof - Pixie looked typically ethereal in this glorious white flowing gown. The shape of this would normally cause a big question mark in my mind but with the low neck line and pulled in waist it's so flattering. I also appreciate the choice to wear a glowing white gown when most other people went for the classic black dress or metallics. Pixie's style seems to have changed loads recently as she's moved into music more, possibly a change in inspo on her part?

Victoria & David Beckham - YES YES YES YES. Everything about this was great. Matching yes, Victoria's absolutely perfect nod to the YSL masculine/feminine vibe, the power poses, the love, the beauty yes. I adore Victoria Beckham, she's like a fine wine getting tastier and more exciting with age. This was so unexpected for her as she usually goes so classic, but it's two big heart eyes from me.

Lady Gaga - Gaga always goes so Hollywood starlet to awards that you just know she'll look incredible. As a fashion icon she's so versatile and adapts so easily to her surrounding and purpose and this beautiful Brandon Maxwell shows that perfectly. After her recent coming out about her battle with PTSD and emotional new single, she's looks strong and confident and majestic. No one could possibly have a bad word to say about this look, it's so elegantly put together. FLAWLESS.

Bel Powley - Bel Powley is such a girl crush of mine after watching her in Diary Of A Teenage Girl, what a face. I think the younger generation are always so exciting to watch at events like these as they're normally the most likely to take risks as seen in Bel Burberry power jumpsuit. Plunging neckline and fluted sleeves creating tailored ABBA greatest, big big fan. I think I just love trousers at award shows to be honest, and Bel's got this so right from the hair to the makeup to everything.

Immy Waterhouse - I'm going to go as far as saying that this is my fave look from the whole night. The shape of the flowy lace trousers vs the little bandeau is so so flattering and I love that Immy hasn't tried to look older as the look is super youthful and fun and doesn't take it's self too seriously. It's accessorised to perfection and topped off with the classic Waterhouse flowing wavey hair. I want this outfit, I need this outfit.

Jourdan Dunn - A quick nod to Jourdan's makeup which is flawless and glowing as always. Pure perfection, how does one acquire that face.

What were your fave looks?

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