Heatwave Outfits...

By Lucy Harbron - 16:47

England has finally been hit with some good weather, like really really good weather. Normally this would be a great thing, but when you're a winter gal like me with very very few summer clothes, it can be a struggle! So here's what I've been wearing during this freak heatwave and probably the only days of summer we'll get.

Top- vintage
Jeans- H&M
Belt- Primark
Choker- handmade
Nails- super super old loreal polish

The weather has finally annoyed me to dig this top back out of my wardrobe that I love. It's so floaty and delicate but I think the over sized shape keeps it from being 'too' girly. Finally jumped on this new string choker trend that has been giving my heart-eyes for weeks now, so I bought myself some cord and made my own all for £1.20! Honestly, they're so easy to make, don't fall for the ones the shops are selling just buy some string. I picked up this belt for £2 as my old one broke and I've been after a western style belt for a while. I love those double buckle belts but they seem way way too faffy, so when I found this one it was perfect. I think it finished off the outfit perfectly, super super simple but nice and breeze.

Another trend I've finally jumped on is the neck scarf hype as i found this square of b-e-a-utiful vintage material. I paired that with black jeans, my new belt and this old sleeveless white vest and done. When you're struggling to throw together a summery outfit, simple pieces are definitely your friend!

T-shirt - primark mens
Pinafore- Fat Face
Sunglasses- Pretty Twisted
I've been wearing this pinafore to death since I got it as it's so comfortable and easy to style. I'm planning on doing a whole post on how I've been styling this, but I just wanted to give a little shout-out to this outfit; Baggy t-shirt, baggy pinafore and no makeup is the perfect combo for a hot day.

Playsuit- H&M
Desperation really hit when the weather got even hotter to the point where I was burning through my suncream. So I dug out this playsuit that I bought for a Lolita halloween costume (post here). I love that it's like a one-and-done type outfit and the light material kept me nice and cool as I lounged in the garden.

Jeans- as before
Top- Miss Selfridge
The weather is slowly cooling down so I can finally wear this gorgeous new top I got in the Miss Selfridge sale. The detailing on it is so intricate and pretty, it makes it look so angelic almost. I love floaty tops like this so they're a real go-to for me when the weather's nice. 

Dress- Zara
Shoes- New Look
Super unrelated and super blurry picture but I had to give a little attention to this unreal dress that I wore on a night out. The Zara sale is basically heaven and finding a dress like this for £10 makes all the rummaging totally worth it. I love that is kind of subtly shows some skin as it has deep V that fall just under the attached white bandeau. It makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw and that's the goal I'm always aiming for. 

How've you been dealing with the heat?

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  1. cute cute cute outfits!!! I love every single one of them!!!


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