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By Lucy Harbron - 20:22

The past couple months my skin has totally transformed and become so much clearer. It may be due to the insaaaannneee amount of anti-biotics I've been on lately, but it's probably due to the fact that I've created the perfect routine for my skin and settled on products that really really work for me. So I thought I'd share my skin saviours in case you're still on the hunt for your holy grail skincare.

Freederm Exfolitating Daily Wash
Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash
 I've used the sensitive face wash for yeaaars just because I love how gentle it is and how soft it makes my skin. It's so soothing and really helps to calm my skin either after a breakout or simply to keep it looking happy and glowy. I never really used to exfoliate as being overly rough to your skin can boost oil production, but I recently got this daily wash and I love it. I only use this once a week, but the exfolitating particles are teeny so aren't too rough but make my skin feel really properly clean.

I also use the freederm moisturiser and have used a whole bunch of their other products but honestly if you want to try their range, go straight for the face washes. Their other products are good but can be quite harsh and intense, the face washes are super gentle and work so well for me.

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush
You hear a lot in the blogging world about cleansing brushes as so so many brands have released them at all level of prices and intensities. However I got this No7 one for Christmas and I finally understand the hype. I was worried that using a brush on my face daily would be too harsh, but the spin settings and the softness of the bristles make it really gentle on the skin. Using this with my face wash is a dream as it creates the perfect lather and triples the clean feeling. Since using this brush my skin has been so smooth like baby's bum smooth and I saw visible results within a week.

This No7 brush is only £24.95 which is such good value compared to some other brands, so if you want to try one out definitely have a look at this one as there's no point spending a ridiculous amount when your skin might not love it.

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
This is another product that I've used for absolutely ages as I can't find another mask like it. I love cooling masks but I hate spending the money on Lush's cold fresh masks that only last like a week and make your fringe smell weird as. This mask in dreamy as the peppermint instantly cools your skin so has the same effect but lasts way longer. The cooling effect and the exfoliating particles in this mask give you the ultimate fresh faced feeling unlike any other mask. My mum, my sister and I all adore this mask, AHHHH I just love it! This is an essential for me.

Holland & Barrett Tea Tree Oil
I'm a tea tree oil addict, I love the smell of it so so much. I like using this pure oil as an instant treatment as its all natural and works so so well to get rid of breakouts before they even happen. It's a super simple product but I think everyone needs a little bottle, even just to smell!

Clinique All About Eyes
My Nana gave me this two weeks ago as all the anti-biotics and being ill has given me the worlds biggest black eyes. Like literal panda right now, could be in a zombie film. I'm not sure if this helps my eye bags but oh boy does it feel gooood. The cream is so soothing and instantly makes me feel more alive. My eye bags have definitely faded so maybe this is doing the trick, but I'll let you know my verdict in a month or so.

What are your skin saviours? And any tips to make me look less like a zombie, hit me up!

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