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By Lucy Harbron - 13:26

It's the Easter holidays which means exams are looming and I'm stressed! Being in my final year of sixth form I'd say I'm pretty solid in my revision technique and I've learnt little tricks that really help me stay focused and make the most of my time. So I thought I'd share some study tips as so so many of us are stuck revising at the moment...

1) Plan Your Time

For me I think planning my time and making revision timetables is super super helpful as it ensures your revision is focused and you're not just doing the topics you like. Also planning out what I'm going to do every day has helped me a lot recently as I've been back and forth to doctors/hospital with INTENSE tonsillitis, so knowing what I need to do each day/what I missed doing when I was away allows me to keep on top of my revision. Not only that but it means that each day you have a set goal and once you're done, you're done. It makes revising way more rewarding!

Confetti Spot Weekly Planner HERE
I got these weekly planner sheets off a family friend who owns Little Cherub Design and I looove them! They're super cute but also provide plenty of space so I can write down exactly what and how I'm going to revise each day, and you get a whole pad of them so there's plenty of sheets. Having timetables as cute as this makes the whole thing seem much less daunting. 

2) Be Specific

This is a recent tip I learnt and I've found it really helpful. When planning your revision, be specific about exactly what you're going to revise. For example don't just say you'll revise 'history', write down the specific part of the course you're going to revise e.g. the origins or the terror. Similarly for english lit I find it really helpful to choose specific themes to prompt my revision. 

Similar to planning my time, this really helps me cover more content and avoid just revising the things I like. V helpful, V beneficial. 

3) Change Your Scenery

Up until this year I always used to revise in my room, upstairs, alone. However recently I've started revising in my dining room and It makes me so so so much more focused. Not only is there less distractions but I think having people around keeps you on track as you're less tempted to just go on YouTube or whatever. I think changing where you revise helps to refresh your mind as being in one place all the time can drive you a bit mad. So move to a different room or even head out to a library or a cafe, I guarantee it will help you focus. 

4) Don't Just Make Notes

I think the hardest part of revision is knowing how to revise, like what to do. It's so easy to just copy out all your notes and call it revision, but this year I've been using other revision techniques like making a lot of mind-maps, using past exam questions to focus my revision, taking quizzes, making posers etc. Getting some colourful paper or some huuuuge sheets of paper and coloured pens is good as it means you can make some intense revision posters that look b.e.a.utiful. But also I've been using a site called Quizlet to make revision quizzes for quotes or terminology which are really useful as you get to revise the content as you put in all the definitions etc, but also you can get an app and do your quizzes whenever! Definitely recommend checking that site out.

The Student Room is also a must for revision and student life in general. Not only is it full of help forums for subjects, uni applications etc, but they recently launched this 'Level Up Your Revision' scheme and O M G it is my life saviour. Loads of teachers have put resources up for every subject ever and you can find notes, quizzes, presentations, mind-maps and more for your specific exams. I've printed out so so so many things and they're so useful for revision! 100% definitely sign up and have a look at that.

What are your best revision tips? Let me know cause I neeeed them 

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  1. How long do you revise for a day? xx

  2. i'm trying to do at least 2 hours a day while i'm off college, but remember working for too long can be super counter-productive xx


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