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By Lucy Harbron - 20:21

Acacia Brinley ~ Jane Birkin ~ Camille Rowe ~ Gabrielle Aplin ~ Alexa Chung

As Spring approaches, so does the opportunity of rebirth and a fashion reboot. It's time to (hopefully) put those winter jumpers to bed, and wander into different territories with your style. I know I definitely need to change up my style after a dull winter, so I've been looking to some long-term loves and some new obsessions for some spring style inspo...

1. Acacia Brinley

I've followed Acacia on instagram for a while, but in the past months I've been going back to her feed more and more as her style has evolved into something beautiful. Swapping effortlessly between floaty mid-length dresses, and more masculine/edgy looks, Acacia takes on so many trends and pulls them all off. I love her use of layering to add a different vibe to a look, for example throwing a baggy jumper over a cute playsuit. She's so versatile and that's something I want to take into spring, no more getting stuck in a style box or feeling restricted. 

2. Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is an icon and an eternal source of inspo. She created so many of the trends that we see creeping back into style today, and her effect on fashion is endless. This Spring you'll see me channelling Jane in a white shirt and blue jeans, or a 70s inspired shift dress. The epitome of effortless style, who doesn't want to be Jane?

3. Camille Rowe

A new girl on my style radar, Camille Rowe is dreamy. With an American mother and a French father, Camille's style encapsulates the best of Parisian chic and classic Americana style. She did a video with vogue showing her fave items in her wardrobe and I fell in love instantly. Her style is the perfect balance between vintage-y boho vibes, and more structured, put-together looks. For everyday inspo, I'll be looking towards Camille.

4. Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is still my ultimate girl crush, she's everything I want to be and more. Her hair, her makeup, her on-stage outfits, her casual outfits, everything is perfect. She says herself that she prefers old pieces and lives in vintage, so I'm going to be rummaging through charity shops and vintage shops in the whole of becoming even a fraction as cool as Gabrielle. Gabrielle takes the best of Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy's style and brings it into 2016 in a way that keeps their spirit but makes it so so wearable. She's a constant dream, a proper 70s girl.

5. Alexa Chung

I think Alexa's style always reaches a new high in spring. I love watching her mix her tomboy attitude with more feminine floaty pieces, and her dedication to denim is a constant source of inspiration. What else can I say? Everyone love Alexa. Just remember the motto- What Would Alexa Wear? (WWAW)

Who's your style inspiration this spring?

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