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By Lucy Harbron - 21:37

There's few things I love more than interior design. I can spend hours and hours scrolling through pinterest planning out my dream future home and every tiny detail of what each room will look like. I especially love bedroom interior as I honestly believe that the mood of your room has a massive effect on your mood, so creating a good space is super important for creating a good head space! Wayfair UK recently put together articles on two interior trends that are everywhere at the moment, so here's how I'd recreate them, with a Lucy twist...

Bed Sets from Wayfair UK 1) HERE, 2) HERE, 3) HERE
I love this trend as its the perfect mix of classic and modern. I love the classic French shapes and styles in mirrors and bed frames, but adding the metallic adds a little extra interest and makes everything fresh. I would opt for a neutral wall paint with subtle colours in a floral duvet cover, but add details such as candle holders, jewellery hangers and plant pots in a copper or a rose gold. I might also throw a more rustic blanket over the bed to avoid it all looking too pristine, you still want to feel cosy of course! This trend is so calming, perfect for a minimalist, de-cluttered space, and all the white/neutrals will make your room feel so much bigger and lighter.

Read more about the trend HERE

Bed sets from Wayfair UK ~ 1) HERE, 2) HERE, 3) HERE
 I'm obsessed with Scandinavian style, the fashion and the interior! It's minimalistic but layered, so think a wall of multiple photo frames, white walls with brown wood shelves, neutral floor with a patterned rug. I think scandi interior lends it's self so well for eclecticism as each item gets the attention it deserves, and the neutral background makes everything look so clean and fresh. I think my room already has elements of this trend as it's largely white with pops of colour. But I'd take this trend to the max by having a fully white room, shelves of trinkets with rose gold, grey or black details, and then either a patterned duvet cover or a plain duvet with a bold rug or throw. You can have so much fun with this trend and I think it really celebrates individuality as it places so much focus on the little details of your room. Its grown up but doesn't take itself too serious.

Read more about the trend HERE

How would you work these trends in your room?


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