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By Lucy Harbron - 11:58

You may know that as well as running Things The Books Forgot, I'm also the founder and editor of an online magazine called KILORAN which released its first issue back in the summer and now boast a list of contributors from all across the UK as well as internationally. The reason I started the magazine was to get the chance to work with all the amazing, talented people I know or encounter daily on social medias, but I never could've imagined developing such an incredible team and such a lovely response to the first issue.

And so I'm proud to announce the realise of KILORAN issue 2...

Drawing by Sonja Katanic
Photo by Hope Naisbitt

This issue is massively different from the first, as rather than letting the contributors run wild, I set a simple brief- "Create a letter to anything, anyone, or anything." And oh baby were the responses amazing, ranging from letters to little brother's before their first date, letters to nature, love letters to the world told solely through photographs, and letters to the universe on a whole. Every new piece I received blew my mind with the level of talent.

The months spent making this issue have been weird ones for me and I found myself feeling the need to 'cleanse' my life of toxicity and negativity, and as a result I've found myself feeling so much more creative and focussed and driven as a writer beyond this blog and the magazine. So I really wanted to present the creativity of others, something beyond an article on politics or a film review, something that meant something to the creator and would hopefully make someone feel something when they read it. In short, I wanted to create something deeper (as cliché as it sounds)

And so I couldn't be happier with the end result, containing work from some of my favourite people and the people I admire most. In my Editor's letter in the issue, I refer to issue 2 as the soul of KILORAN, and it couldn't be more true.

So please please PLEAAAASE check it out, settle down with a cup of coffee and take some time to soak in the talent from the contributors.

I really hope you like the issue and that it makes you feel something, and I hope you remember to write thank you letters to all those who deserve them (and remember a love letter is always more effective than liking someone's selfie on instagram)

Find Kiloran-

Instagram- @kiloranmag
Twitter- @kiloranmag

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