Benefit Advent Calender ~ Weeks 2 & 3 Reviews...

By Lucy Harbron - 13:20

The past couple weeks have been super hectic with college, coursework and I went on a weekend trip to Dublin (which was amazing!) so I apologise for the lack of posts. However, I've been keeping up with my Benefit advent calender and I'm back with some more mini reviews!

Week 2

They're Real ~ Mascara

I was a little disappointed when I opened this at the start of week two as I've tried this mascara before and I've never been a fan. It's definitely one of those products that's very hyped up in the blogging world and a lot of people swear by this product, however, for me, I find it leaves my lashes looking long but sparse as it only lengthens which I prefer a more 'does it all' lengthening, volumising, feathering mascara. Although, one big plus of this mascara is that it stays on for agggges to the point where you have to really battle to take it off, so if you're after a long-lasting lengthening mascara, definitely try this one out! But not the right product for me.

Sugarbomb Ultra Plush ~ Lip gloss

I'm really not a lip gloss wearer as I always opt for a matte lip so instantly this isn't a product for me. However, I've been slightly converted due to how moisturising this lip gloss is and how pretty the colour is. The gloss is a shimmery pinky nude so it layers really nicely over my everyday nude lip. Although I don't think I'll wear this gloss on its own, it might creep its way into my lip routine.

Lollitint ~ Lip & Cheek Stain 

As a lip stain, I absolutely love this product! The colour is subtly yet really super pretty and it lasts quite a while before fading to a more delicate colour. Love love love it! However, as a cheek stain I found it really hard to work with as the product seems to dry instantly and I find myself left with streaks of it stuck where I applied it. Maybe you just need a super fast blending technique but I find it tricky to apply properly. But as a lip stain oh baby it's pretty.

Week 3

Watt's Up! ~ Highlighter

Week 3 started on a high with Watt's Up a product that seems really loved and I've wanted to try for a while. After falling in love with Highbeam in week one I was interested to see how this highlighter would match up. Benefit knows how to make a beautiful highlighter as once again I was in love. Watt's Up is a more sheer champagne coloured highligher that's more subtle than Highbeam but it's so pretty and really brightens up your face and lifts your complexion. I've been loving using Highbeam on my cheek bones then Watt's Up on my cupids bow, browbone etc. Super pretty and I really recommend trying this product out it you're after a subtle yet beautiful highlighter. 

The Porefessional ~ Primer

A lot of people I know absolutely love this product and now I see why. I think I'll be investing in a full size one of this primer as it glides onto the skin so nicely and really helped my make-up stay all day as well as helping to perfect my complexion before putting my make-up on. It's just an all-round good primer!

BADgal Lash ~ Mascara

Honestly I hadn't heard much about this mascara but I liked it instantly as the brush is really big and full so it leaves your lashes looking so full and amazing. As I said before, I like a 'does it all' mascara and this definitely does it all as it lengthened my lashes but also made them so fanned out and full. However, this mascara didn't last as long as They're Real and I did feel the need to add another coat later on in the day. So as much as I do like this mascara, I think I'll stick with my No.7 one.

Let me know your opinion of any of these products!

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