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By Lucy Harbron - 19:44

Organisation pack (*) HERE

College is back in full swing and I'm so grateful for my new Sink Or Swim Design organisation pack! To-do lists and planners galore helping me keep on top of my work, something so simple and pretty makes the thought of organisation much less painful.

I've followed Tessa, the founder and designer over at Sink Or Swim, on instagram for aages and always had a massive respect for her open discussions about mental health while striving to build her business. It's a brand I really love and have followed for a long time, so when Tessa offered to send me over some stuff I was more than happy! I think it's so important to support little businesses and with products as charming and cute as Tessa's for such cheap prices, what's not to love?!

Making hand-made, personalised pieces, Sink Or Swim design clearly aims to please. Creating pillows, totes, posters and t-shirts with personalised quotes, lyrics or really whatever you want, I love the idea of having something that means so much to you printed so beautifully so I think I'll be investing in a poster soon. But in fact just the name of the brand-"Sink Or Swim"- means a lot of me, so having it printed on the bottom of to-do lists serves as motivation in itself. And only £6 for a hand-made personalised print is exceptional compared to some of the etsy rip-offs!

Personalised tote bag (*) £10
Tessa was also lovely enough to send me the cutest tote bag in the world. I don't think I've ever related to a piece of clothing before, but this bag basically sums up 90% of my thoughts/feelings. So I'll be carrying this around with me everywhere! love love love it! But remember you can have whatever you want printed onto a tote (in case you don't relate and do actually sleep at night!)

I think Sink Or Swim designs is just one of those amazing little businesses that deserves more love and recognition for their work. And really having personalised decorations and accessories will always be better than primark stuff that everyone has, so why not treat yourself?

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