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By Lucy Harbron - 21:18


I know I said "oh yeah once my exams are over I'll blog waay more" but yeaaah sorry that hasn't happened because I've managed to be both very lazy and very busy at the same time. Meaning that I'm either out and cannot blog, or I'm home and I cannot move from my bed.

But last week I had a little family holiday/weekend away and I thought I would share it with you! LETS GO!

So my mama, my papa and my sis got into the car and drove for like 3 and a half hours. During this time I listening to a lot of music, and had to try my very best to not sing out loud to the wicked soundtrack.

We finally arrived at our destination-NOTTINGHAM! We checked into our hotel then went for a walk. We walked past this canal area and I got massive fault in our stars feels.
it was emotes.

We then walked around the university for a bit as I'm attempting to set myself a "grade goal" for my A-levels (help) and Nottingham uni is like my "aim". Its so nice and it has a starbucks on site woo bonus!

That evening we went to castle gardens for a performance of a midsummer nights dream which I'm studying next year and I loooveee! The performance was amazing and I love the play, I heart Shakespeare!

Here I am being overly smiley because I heart Nottingham. Even though I was there for only 24 hours I managed to totally all in love. Its such a random city, its so beautiful and practical at the same time. And shopping there is a dream, it has everything you could possibly want! I'm really hoping to return soon.

The next day I feasted on an all you can eat breakfast, did a finally walk into Nottingham for some shopping. Then we jumped back in the car and drove to the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR (omg) I was obscenely excited.
lucy in her natural habitat
 we had aaages to wait before our tour so we sat in the café (best soup ever) and then I had another starbucks (duh) before we got to go in.

Me and my sister got over excited about badges and basically about everything. it was gr8


RIP Dobby:'(

the whole thing was magical. I tried butterbeer and didn't know how to feel about it (it was both amazing and gross at the same time?!) I saw Hogwarts, I flew on a broomstick and I ran around the best gift shop I've ever seen for about an hour (in the end I only bought some harry potter glasses for my boyfriend and some temporary tattoos for me (really))

The next day we stopped by my mum's hometown and then started the looong journey home.

It was a lovely break, even if it was only for 2 and a half days.

Where are you going this summer? or if you're just staying home, where would you like to go?

hope you're all doing well!
have a lovely lovely day

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  1. I will hopefully be going to Nottingham Uni in September if everything goes according to plan. Reading this post has made me even more determined to get there now! Eek!

    Lovely read :)
    Emmie xx

  2. Nottingham looks so beautiful :D You're a wizard Harry !!!


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