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By Lucy Harbron - 15:02


For once England is actually having a summer. The weather has gone crazy, its super super hot but then it will suddenly rain what?! I've spent a lot recently (not even sorry) buying my staple summer pieces to help me in the zillions of fashion dilemmas caused by psycho weather. And here they are!

Sandels-New look (as on all pictures)
A playsuit is always a good idea. You don't have to worry about "what top should I wear today?!" "what if I flash my bum at people in tis skirt/dress" or "ugh im too tired to put my top AND my shorts on UGH" CAUSE PLAYSUITS ARE FAB! I actually bought this playsuit from H&M for an end of exams party as it is super classy (the lace around the neckline is so beautiful) and easy to dress up with heels and some lipstick or a smoky eye.

But also its good for any weather conditions the sky throws at you! I like to throw a huge cardigan or a plaid over the top for a little extra warmth, and then you can easily just put some tights on to cover your legs (black tights, and the black playsuit together are super slimming and really elongate your legs so win win!). If its super warm then I love wearing this as the material is so light and floaty so prevents you from overheating. I've been wearing this a lot!


I finally bought something colourful SHOCK. I like this shirt as its really versatile as the blue and black colours in the pattern makes it so easy to style with blue or black denim, and I think these colours prevent the pattern from being too tacky. The material is really light so again keeps me nice and cool, and the pop of colour keeps me looking slightly summery.

I struggle so much to find shorts that fit due to the little waist, wide hips/thighs issue! But H&M seem to have got my shape dead on and their shorts and jeans fit me like a glove! I love these distressed shorts with the rips and frayed edges. They make any outfit look way grungier which I love love love! Also the denim isn't too stiff so they're still really comfy so I can wear them any day for any occasion-party, adventures with friends, or just chilling at home. So if you struggle finding shorts that fit, or just want a comfy grungy pair, I really recommend these!

Plaid shirt-DEEP (mens section)
Top-New Look
I. Love. My. Plaid. Shirt. I've been lusting after a huge mens flannel shirt for ages, and I came across this beauty in the mens section in Deep (a vintage shop, there's a couple round the country!) Its so cosy and adds a little extra warmth when I need it, but still looks so good. It adds a more masculine, grungy look to any outfit. I like styling it with my distressed shorts and a feminine top to give my outfit more edge. Its good for this weather as its light so I can carry it round with me, throw it over pretty much anything when I get chilly, but then just tie it round my waist when I don't need it because it still looks good and keeps the grunge vibe.

Crop top-Topshop
I've been eyeing up the American apparel dungarees for long time as I love that they're baggier. So when I saw this pair in primark (i got a size bigger than my normal size) I was joyous as it saved me like £50. Dungarees are a good go-to for summer. As I think the light denim instantly looks summer, even if you have to wear tights under (it was a bit chillier the day I took this OOTD) But even just with a plain white t-shirt under the dungarees still look good and make the outfit way more interesting, especially being that bit baggier. They're also so easy to throw on and are low maintenance, just like the play suit. I love wearing this stripy, high neck crop top with them, as it makes me feel like alexa chung and who does heart alexa chung?!

And that's it! They're my staple summer fashion pieces and my fave go-to looks so far this summer! What are yours?

Hope you have a lovely lovely day

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  1. Love all your staple pieces especially the playsuit - It looks so classy :) ! xx

  2. Wow! I love these outfits! Especially the dungarees and your shoes!

  3. All of these are sick. The last outfit especially I love. The colours are all so nice.


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