OOTD Diary Revisited...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:56

Looking back at my blog it makes me realise just how much I've changed and how I put together an outfit has changed. So I set myself a challenge of taking key pieces from an old ootd diary and putting together an outfit of how I'd wear it today!

HERE is the original ootd diary
Dress-New look
The first thing i realise is jeeeeez my blog photography was baaaaad! The second thing I realise is that i think now I dress much much simpler. Accessories kinda stress me out so the idea of wearing the amount of rings I used to wear makes me a little uncomfortable! Finally I notice that now I wouldn't wear the belt. Truthfully I think that's because I was way waaaaaay more body confident back then and I was all like "ooo look at ma waist" whereas now I'm more focused on elongating my legs so I think these knee socks are super cute!
White vest-idek
cream jumper-H&M
Lipstick-Topshop "infrared"
 I never never wear these trousers as I used to think they were unflattering but I think with some wedges to make me a little taller they're actually really nice, they make me look so grown up! Might have to start wearing these again. I even like how I wore them back in the day.
Top-river island
I still totally love this top. I think the cut is so lovely and simple just beautiful. I don't think I'd ever wear it like I did before simply because I think a piece as nice as this top deserves more than just to be thrown over some jeans with a cardi.
This dress ahhh I still love it (im wearing it right now awks). Again I don't wear the belt as im not a big fan of my waist, but I still wear this dress to death. I wouldn't put it with classic red lips as I feel like its a bit obvious so I tend to just wear it really simple on its own.

Cream jumper-H&M
cream shirt-Next
black jeans-H&M
green jumper-H&M
white top-primark
 I wouldn't wear that much cream now, im tooooo pale it washes me out. So now I still like the whole shirt under crop jumper thing but im more likely to stick to a pop of colour. And sadly the next shirt no longer fits me (RIP)

velvet dress-topshop
baggy pinafore-topstop
tighter pinafore-primark
wedges-as before

Now I tend to just keep this dress for special occasions cause its so lovely! Honestly, It does make me feel quite self-conscious though about my shape. But I also like it under my tighter pinafore as i don't think it smothers the velvet as the pinafore is much more simple than the baggier topshop one.
And that's it! How has your style changed over the years?
Hope you have a lovely lovely day


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  1. This is such a wicked Idea. I love the whole revisiting thing and I love the outfits revamped. I just cannot get over how much I adore this!!!


  2. This is such a cool post what an amazing idea! It so cool to see how your style's evolved! x



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