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I only have two exams leave (PARTY PARTY PARTY) Anyone else doing exams? YOU'VE NEARLY FINISHED WE CAN DO THIS, THINK OF SUMMER!

I'm on study leave so I have quite a lot of free time so I've had time to do stuff like paint my nails! So I thought I'd share my fave polishes and nail stuff with you!

Over my years I seen to have acquired a large hoard of nail stuff, but I have certain colours and trends I always seen to go for.

I love how sleek a french manicure can look so when i have looaads of time (it takes me quite a while) I like to use one of the many kits I have as it looks so simple and matches everything and just looks so classic. I'm not really into acrylics so I always just paint the white tips onto my natural nail.
17 (Shade unknown)
George-fortune teller
Minnie couture-13
I love nude/pinky nails that blend in with my skin or are really subtle. The champneys nude shade is a block colour more pinky nude but it is so glossy and looks so flawless. Whereas the Minnie couture polish (possibly my favourite, possible prom nails?) is a beautiful shimmery almost metallic pale pinky/silvery/bluey nude but is still really subtle. It looks beautiful.

The George polish is a pure beige nude. Its quite hard to apply but its really cheap and looks really nice on!

Rimmel matte top coat
miss sporty metal flip polishes
nail art pens-ebay

If I want more colour on my nails or something a little fancier I reach for one of these. The miss sporty polishes are amaaazing! They apply really well and don't chip but also the metallic effect is so beautiful. I've found applying the matte top coat over the top seems to give them a leather effect that I also like.
The champneys polish is a deep plum/burgundy which just like the nude is so glossy and lovely.
Topshop's tidal is a matte grey/blue which I used to death and I really need to repurchase!

If I'm feeling fancy I love doing evil eye nail art, for my tutorial click HERE its super easy!

glitter polish-H&M
For parties I like this glitter polish. The glitter is really chunky and its easy to build up to completely cover the whole nail. With a top coat over none of the glitter falls off so it can stay in tact for a long time. However it takes a lot of effort to remove, but I think its worth it.

champneys-nail polish collection
shades-mulberry, ruby, chestnut, mocha, nude, topcoat&base coat
I adore this set. Every shade is so beautiful and once dry they're so glossy and look so flawless and professional. They take quite a while to dry but the result is definitely worth the wait. There's a nice mix for shimmery and pure shades so I massively recommend this set.

bourjois-magic nail polish remover
ITS A GIFT FROM GOD! I don't know how I lived without it and I don't plan on going back there. It is the future. It just makes life so easy ahhh

And that's about it! What are your favourite nail varnishes, brands and colour trends?

Hope you're all doing well, and remember to follow me on twitter and instagram!
have a lovely lovely day

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  1. All the nail polishes are so cute especially the beige shade on your nails ! Best of luck with the rest of your exams :D xx


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