My week in outfits- 14th-20th february...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:29


Yeah im really bad at writing at the moment lazy lazy lazy lucy! But its been half term so that means I've actually been wearing clothes other than school uniform or pyjamas, So I thought it only fair that I share what I've been wearing this week!

I've actually had a pretty busy/exciting week so I'll also give you a lil insight into what I actually do in life woo lets go!

Im wearing-
Shorts-river island
Crop top-H&M (rivets logo printed by chloe)
Leather jacket-H&M

Chloe wearing-
Plaid shirt-New look
Mum jeans-Her mums from the 90s (ahhbdjn)
(how cute is chloe tho, shes my fashion icon)

Valentines day...woo. Most of my day was spent at school but then that night me and my friends took a trip to the seaside to support our friends the rivets at their gig and wowzas they were good, again! If you haven't checked them out on youtube yet then you're seriously missing out! You can listen to their fulllll set right here, and make sure to subscribe and like them on facebook cause they're amaaazing!

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Jeans-Topshop joni jeans
Socks-Topshop (THEYRE GLITTERY!)
So Saturday I went to a surprise party for my friend's jasmine and jack's birthday and it was sooo good! I have ridiculously talented friends so the whole night was soundtracked by people just messing round on the piano or singing. And I beat everyone at Mario kart...almost.... I love this shirt so much ahh bit shoutout to my friend Megan for letting me borrow it because oh my its beautiful! 

AHHH fave outfit ever! All i did on sunday was eat... But i wore a pretty dress and my eyeliner game was strong so I aint complaining!

Earrings-Pretty twisted

On Monday I was forced to wake up at a ridiculous time and go to SCHOOL for a FRENCH BOOSTER CLASS. yes school in half term, yes french...that's child cruelty right?  BUT! Then I went prom dress shopping, had a starbucks with my mama then I went on a date and watched nowhere boy which is the best film ever ahh aaron Johnson mmm


Jeans- no idea
 Tuesday was boring all I did was eat and try and do maths (I failed)


 On Wednesday my friend Chloe and grace came round and we ate our bodyweights and listened to good music while dancing round my kitchen. Pretty good day I'd say, even if we did totally fail at making pancakes!

Jeans-Topshop jonis
PROM DRESS SHOPPING PROM DRESS SHOPPING PROM DRESS SHOPPING! ahhh its amazing, I got to be dressed up in all these pretty dress and ahhh dreams. (yes I have bought my dress, no you cannot see it...yet) Then that night I went on another date to the cinemas and saw "her" which was both emotional and weird, good film!

THATS IT! My week on in

stagram looked like this


l-r- Mine and Chloe's rivets shirts, My all-seeing eye henna, The rivets

Starbucks with mama (salted caramel mocha omg lush), walks with grace and chloe, cinema ticket

Pretty darn good week! How about yours?
Hope you have a lovely lovely day


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