Get Ready With Me/OOTD-Pardy Party...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:30


Sorry I haven't been around, work experience drain all the life out of me! BUT my friend Sophie had a party at the weekend and it was fab so here's a ootd/get ready with me sort of thing!

First thing I go (normally a couple of days before) is I pick out my outfit, this is never an easy job...

On the night of the party, normally about 3/4 hours before I have a ridiculously long bath as i tend to get distracted or im having too much fun pretending to be a mermaid! The products im using at the moment are-
Ambrosia shaving cream (so lovely)-lush
blissfully bouncy shampoo and conditioner
FCUK body polish
Freederm face was
and some raspberry shower gel which smells amazzzing
I then put my hair in centre parting and let it air dry for a bit while I waste some time (normally eating) When i can be bothered I blow dry my hair and spritz some salt spray into the roots to messy it all up a little. I use my straighteners to make my hair super wavy and messy and bedheadish and spray it all with hairspray so it holds! Then I moisturise my body and cleanse and moisturise my face so im ready to put my makeup on.
I then do my makeup. For this party I kept my skin really fresh and illuminated with really bold graphic eyeliner which of course wouldn't show up in this photo.

And then I put my outfit on and off I go to partttyyyy!
Shorts (look like a skirt ooo)-Primark

And that's it! I had such a good night, man I love my friends!

Have a lovely lovely day

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