5 Women To Follow On Instagram For Style & Sustainability

By Lucy Harbron - 17:20

 One thing we won’t be discussing is my screen time. During lockdown, I’ll admit my phone usage became repulsive, but a good chunk of those minutes (read: hours) was spent doing a long overdue clear out of who I follow. You hear it again and again, the advice to unfollow anyone that doesn’t boost or inspire you, and having had the same insta account since I was 15, I definitely had some clearing up to do. From friends of friends to old inspo pages, it’s easy for your follow list to spiral into something massive and even quite dark, your feed quickly becoming a place of insecurity and pressure to purchase. Especially when it comes to fashion, your morning scroll can feel like a million shop assistants chasing you down with another fast fashion creation in hand, so I’ve been trying to get out of that place.

While I’ve been working my way through the massive unfollowing task, I’ve found some old loves or discovered some new creators that I’ve fallen for. Instagram is a great place for new fashion, sustainability and lifestyle creators, especially women stepping into these areas and coming to craft a new and better online landscape. From bloggers to designers to new brands, here are 6 women you should be following for a more stylish and sustainable insta feed.

#1 @Sophieannrodgers @handmadebysophierodgers 

When it comes to outfit inspiration and trying to be a bit bolder with my looks, I regularly find myself on Sophie’s page. Never scared of a bold colour or print, and a huge fan of an independent brand, I see Sophie’s page as a lesson in shopping less but shopping better. With an incredible collection of some enviable investment pieces, like her Shrimps bag which gives me heart-eyes every time, I love that Sophie’s page is a merge of all fashion channels. Styling pieces at a higher price point with accessible high-street pieces, and even mixing them all in with her own creations, Sophie is the epitome of doing fashion right for me, sharing outfits that are fun, filled with references and perfectly balanced between aspirational and accessible.

You also need to give her brand a follow, carrying all of the above into her own fashion line. As well as being super excited to be able to buy one of her designs, it’s so fascinating watching the birth of a brand from the beginning as she’s been sharing insights into the design process and her inspirations. Women like Sophie will no doubt be at the forefront of the next generation of brands to watch, so you should get on-board now.

#2 @Emmielois

I can’t rave about Emmie’s blog enough, and I plan to keep doing so until the end of time.

Not only am I lucky enough to get to witness Emmie’s intelligence first hand and share fashion chats with her over brunch, but I’ve had the chance to work with her for years, knowing just how dedicated and talented she is. But her blog as of late has been a whole new level, taking it up a notch in both style and substance, and elevating her blog to a level I aspire to. With experience working in fashion and a newfound passion for sustainability, Emmie’s blog shares tip and advice in a way that feels so approachable but also extremely interesting and approachable, like reading advice from a new friend. Paired with beautiful visual of her dreamy retro flat and eclectic fashion taste, Emmie is my ultimate cool girl inspo, living out the ideal that intelligence and thought are the best accessories.

#3 @Greymilk__

After getting the chance to interview Gwen, the woman behind Grey Milk, for Kiloran, I’ve been obsessed. In a short amount of time, the brand has absolutely boomed and is now onto her 2nd collection of beautiful and playful pieces. Not only am I absolutely obsessed with her designs as those big floral smock dresses are a bit of me, but following Grey Milk feels like getting lessons in exactly how brands should be doing sustainability and inclusivity. Grey Milk make everything to measure at no extra cost, meaning that the brand is for everyone of any body shape or size. All her materials are made with no animal product of any kind, with fully recyclable packaging and moving into fully natural fabrics, so there’s no slips or compromises on making the brand as earth and human friendly. 

But recently I’ve been even more impressed by Gwen announcing changes to her services and adaptations based on her new high demand. A brand constantly re-assessing and changing to be the most sustainable they can be? We absolutely love to see it and you should absolutely follow it.

#4 @N.ann.thrift

Another big fan of Grey Milk is Nikita of N.ann.thrift, my new favourite sustainable fashion insta. Upon first look at her feed, you’d think she was just another fashion influencer sharing her looks, but Nikita is proving the magic of second-hand shopping as she didn’t buy new clothes for a year. Inspiring me to get better acquainted with Depop, Nikita sharing advice for more sustainable shopping in a way that never feels preachy or demanding, she isn’t asking the world of her followers but instead shows how easily you can remove your pennies from fast fashion and still look great. As a big supporter of local Manchester brands and exciting new independent brands around the UK, follow Nikita for fashion inspiration mixed in with some introductions to new brands to give your pennies to. Also, follow her for amazing hair, I aspire to those lengths.

#5 @girlonfilm__

Combining fashion, poetry, film photography and social justice resources, Charlotte Moore aka girlonfilm, is definitely a woman after my own heart. I followed Charlotte ages ago after falling in love with her vintage-inspired, minimalist style, but in recent months her content has become so much more varied and captivation. Using her stories to host open discussions around topics like mental health and relationships, and filling her feed with beautiful photography, ethical fashion and poetry, a scroll through her Instagram gives me the same cosy feeling as cracking the spine on a magazine. 

To me, I feel like Charlotte is a shiny example of what a content creator should be, never afraid to be real and human, sprinkling her work with vulnerability while remaining super aesthetic. The range of topics on her page, alongside her written work elsewhere inspires me to never feel limited on my blog or Instagram, leaving me feeling encouraged rather than pressured into buying something or being something. Following her feels like joining a little community that you definitely want to be a member of.

 Who are some of your fave people to follow?

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  1. oh wow, I love all of these !! i'll definitely be following, such a nice change from usual pushy fast-fashion advertising ! also i love the composition/pics so delightfully aesthetic x x x


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