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By Lucy Harbron - 16:07

We're entering week who-knows of lockdown and I'm flagging. I took up learning French and practised diligently every day for two weeks, then not at all since. I vowed to go yoga daily and managed two days. Only 2 things have remained constant;

  1. My inability to resist getting a coffee from the shop around the road that's thankfully reopened for takeout.
  2. I get dressed every day.
I'm lucky enough to still be working from home, so each weekday I have to be up and ready for 8. For the first week I was still putting on makeup, but thankfully that's stopped as the video calls turned quickly to just audio. But while I definitely dress for myself, to make myself feel good, the motivation to be adventurous with your outfit definitely dropped off when no one but your flatmate and maybe a jogger will see it. Sick of living in the same black trousers and a crop top, myself and Sophie Rodgers sent each other an outfit prompt every day for a week, inspired by a piece on the magical ManRepeller. Here are the results.

Day #1 : Reinterpret the cover of your current fave album into an outfit...

Dress & T-Shirt - Vintage
Boots - Topshop
The Beach Boy's Pet Sounds has been a daily spin for me, listening from start to finish at least twice a day. I also recently watched Love and Mercy about Brian Wilson so I'm a little obsessed. I took reference from the muted yellows and browns on the cover and opted for 60s styling that edged more towards preppy than edgy to suit their clean-cut image.

Vest - ASOS
Jeans - Vintage
Obviously, a Friday night recreation of Harry Styles' Fine Line had to be done.

Day #2 : Dress as if a child dressed you...

T-Shirt & dress - Topshop
Pearl necklace - Made by Frankie
Headband - Primark
I took this opportunity to really overdo it, layering this glittery star print dress that I've had and loved for 2 years now over a simple rainbow stripe t-shirt. The outfit is really made by this Made By Frankie pearl smiley face necklace that reminds me of both Harry Styles and my Nana's home on the Isle of Wight. It feels so special to wear handmade jewellery, especially pieces as simple and fun as this! Definitely check out her Etsy if you're looking for some new pieces to brighten up an outfit, the quality is amazing and supporting your local businesses is 100x more important right now.

Day #3 : Style your favourite piece of lingerie in a WFH appropriate outfit...

Top & Jeans - H&M
Bra - Unreleased sample
This bralette was one of the many samples I picked up during my time at ASOS and I've never actually worn it as a bra, deeming it far too pretty to ever be hidden. The little skirted edge rests so nicely on the top of high waist jeans so I paired it with my go-to black wide-leg denim and a classic tight roll-neck to add a flirty touch to a quite masculine, beatnik look. 

Day #4 : Imagine you are Warhol's muse...
Bodysuit - H&M
The most perfectly timed prompt as the day I wore this was Edie Sedgwick's birthday. In celebration of Warhol's original superstar, I wore her classic leotard and tights combo, throwing over a black high neck jumper if I got chilly. Obviously, I didn't go outside that day, spending Edie's birthday working from my bed and settling down to watch Ciao! Manhatten in the evening. If it was acceptable, this would be the only outfit I would ever wear being a huge lover of the Factory scene, as shown by the 2 Warhol prints you can see behind me.

Day #5 : Wear your favourite fashion faux-pas...
Jumper - Primark
Trousers - Topshop
The beautiful pink and red clash definitely isn't a faux-pas anymore and if you're not on board with it, you should be.

Day #6 - Wear something that your pre-teen self would despise...

Dress - ASOS
Despite a childhood spent obsessed with the Cheetah Girls, my 13-19-year-old self would have hated this dress along with anything else leopard print. I also would've never ever layered anything like this. So thankfully I reformed these damaging opinions in time to pull together this cute outfit.

Day #7 : Wear something that would suit this year's Met Gala theme, 'About Time'...

Corset top - ASOS
While I'm still mourning the cancellation of my favourite day of the year, I'm hoping that when May 4th rolls around we might get an insight into what the guests were planning to wear. As a fashion history fan, I'm hoping for some really well-researched era inspired pieces from structural victorian gowns through to modern music inspired looks. An attempted interpretation from my wardrobe came in the shape of this velvet corset, making me wish I had a huge hooped skirt to pair with it, but alas! Jeans will do for another night drinking wine on the balcony and being in bed by 9.

Check out the prompts I gave Sophie & her outfits...

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