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By Lucy Harbron - 18:58

The first post on this blog was on the 20th November 2012. 14-year-old me, clearly wild with excitement, decide it was important for the internet to know exactly how she felt about the new Perks Of Being A Wallflower film. Back then I wrote informally but regularly, somehow managing to churn out 2/3 blogs every week on everything from fashion to books I was reading, capping off each piece with what I was wearing and my favourite song. Oh, to be a 14-year-old with all the time in the world and a wardrobe full of floral shirts.

I just wanted to take a pause and write like her for a little while.

And the history books forgot about us
And the Bible didn't mention us
And the Bible didn't mention us, not even once

I changed my domain name last week, kissing goodbye to Thing The Books Forgot. I was in love with that song, Regina Spektor’s Samson, finding it at the real cusp of my 14/15/16 year old indie days that would become populated with battle of the bands and torn crop tops. I’m still in love with that song, it’s just beautiful and heart-breaking and everything I’ve always loved in music. So, I clung to that domain name for 7 year, meaning nothing to anyone but me as the lyrics were forced out of context by the task of finding a blogger ID that wasn’t taken. It seemed to make sense, my faux-philosophical younger self related, thinking no one will ever write about me in history books, my contribution will be null and forgotten. But hey I’m going to start this anyway and fling my opinions and small glimpses into my life out on the internet, I’m going to scream these things into the void and see what happens.

I’m a big-time quitter when it comes to everything but this. I can give you a list of all the classes and hobbies I’ve taken up and abandoned within half a year, but I’d quit half way through trying to remember it. One thing I never shrugged off was writing. I have no way around the clichés here; I’ve written forever, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do and what I’ve always done, it comes so naturally blah blah. But it’s true, from scribbled short stories in school notepads to by-lines on HuffPost, I’ve only ever done or wanted to do this. The past 7 years with this blog is easily the longest relationship I’ve ever been in, the most commitment I’ve ever awarded anything, I’m pretty impressed with myself to be honest. 380 posts, 7 years, averaging out at one a week.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this apart from to scream into the void once again to say thank you. I made a vow a to stop caring about it anyone was reading and just write what I want in the style I want, but I know there’s still people here, a lot of who have always been here. I wonder a lot about what got me what, what the foundation of all my jobs and internships was, and I think I can solidly say it’s this. I’ve seen this through my GCSEs, A-Levels, 3 years of uni and now a full-time job, it wasn’t really that I went to change the domain that I clicked how much time I’d dedicated to it all. I felt weirdly emotional, like it was the end of something when I know it’s not. So, I’m trying to flip it on its head and just say thank you to you. Thank you for still reading and for the nice messages I get, it makes the void so much prettier when someone screams back.

And thank you to me for persevering. Someone go back in time and tell 14 year old Lucy that I’m a full time writer now, she did it.

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