Like Mother Like Daughter...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:33

I'm certainly my mother's child. Ever since I was young it's been a joke in my family to confused mine and my mum's baby photos, I'm the spitting image of her and I hope that continues into my adulthood.

I recently stole this jumpsuit from the back of her wardrobe. I'd been looking for a boiler suit style piece for aaaages, so when she pulled out this one it was a dream. But it became even dreamier when she told me that not only had she worn it the night she met my dad, but that it had been my Aunty's too beforehand. The best kind of family heirloom.

It's becoming clear that I'm becoming my mother. Regularly my outfit choices are met with her saying "I used to have something like that!" Jeans, leather jackets, high top trainers, playsuits, and culottes, my 2018 wardrobe is strangely similar to my mum's late 80s wardrobe. After years of laughing at old photos of my parents in their 20s, I now see myself in them, or envy their outfits. Photos of my mum in amazing trainers, sleek black jumpsuits, and sheer tops make my heart flutter (and don't even get me started on my mum and dad's honeymoon photos), it feels like life's gone full circle, reminds me that her 20s and my 20s aren't so different; she's been through it all so her advice is real. And maybe her fashion advice is too, maybe I shouldn't buy that top.

And it's not even just her, my eyes are set firmly on 80s icons and inspirations at the minute. I'm obsessed with Kim Wilde's low maintenance grunge, her all black mixed texture outfit are giving me endless inspiration for work wear. I love Princess Diana's eclectic style, serving everything from oversized jumpers with cycling shorts, to gingham trousers and frilly high necks. I keep Bananarama in mind each time I reach for jeans and a plain black crop top, and I know they'd approve of my vintage leather jacket slung over the top. It makes me want to reach for my more tailored pieces, with sharper lines and bolder patterns. It makes me want to start each day with a slick of bright pink eyeshadow, and dabble more in blue mascara. It makes me want to wear all the things that younger Lucy would have turned her nose up at, but a younger version of my mum would have loved.

We're so lucky to have years and years of fashion legacy behind us, endless sources of inspo from runways, films, music videos, even politics from the past. We're blessed with a unrivalled back catalogue of fashion icons to look to, and my mama is a firm favourite of mine.

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